Every Time They Hit You Rise Up Stronger’, Hackers Write On Jamia University Website
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'Every Time They Hit You Rise Up Stronger’, Hackers Write On Jamia University Website

Jamia Millia Islamia University’s website was hacked on Thursday, December 19, to post a message supporting the students protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The website, handled by a third party, was hacked by someone called the ‘Dark Knight’ and was later restored.

“Hacked by Dark Knight to support Jamia students…Jai Hind!” a pop up on the site read.

On Sunday, December 15, student protests at Jamia had taken a violent turn after clashes between the students and police.

In support of the students, the hacker(s) wrote on the website: “Brave students of Jamia keep fighting against the oppression. Don’t let the movement die. Every time they hit you Rise stronger! Rise stronger! Rise stronger! Rise stronger!”

The hacker(s) also came down hard on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah: “Modi-Shah thinks we are dumb like their followers but we the students read. We know how the first people would be declared foreigners by NRC, and then everyone will be absorbed back through CAA except our Muslims.”

Jamia website hacked
Image Source: Abhishek Shah/Twitter

“Students it’s time to organise and unite! Rise our cause on the international stage and fight like Hong Kong students because it’s time to save our democracy!” the message added.

The message also abused Modi, Shah, and JMI Vice-Chancellor. The message ended with the line “The Dystopian future is coming.”

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