Delhi: Accused Of Witchcraft, Woman’s Head And Arms Chopped Off By Brother-in-law

A man allegedly killed his sister-in-law and chopped off her head and disfigured her body and then dumped it near Prahlad Vihar in outer Delhi on Friday night, August 25.

The accused, identified as Rama Shankar, later made a PCR call to the North Rohini control room and told police that he had killed his sister-in-law and that he wanted to surrender, reports The Indian Express.

Shankar was arrested on reaching Vijay Vihar police station. After questioning him about the woman’s whereabouts, the man told police that he had dumped the body near some bushes in Prahlad Vihar, near Rohini’s sector 25.

Police has said that 31-year-old Kalawati, the deceased, was found in a putrefied condition with her hands and head missing from her body and a police team is scouring the area nearby to recover them. After the police found the victim’s body, they informed her relatives and called her husband Fuggi Lal, to identify the body.

As reported by Hindustan Times, a native of Uttar Pradesh, Kalawati lived with her family in which comprised of her husband, a 16-year-old daughter, a son aged 14 and her brother-in-law’s family. She was working in a manufacturing unit for plastic products in the neighbourhood.

DCP (Rohini) Rishi Pal has said that the two brothers were opposed to Kalawati’s lifestyle. “The woman’s elder brother-in-law would even suspect her of having illicit affairs,” he said.

Shankar’s suspicion arose from Kalawati’s ‘lack of hesitation’ in speaking to other men according to interrogators. An investigator said, “The two brothers would also object to her way of dressing and the fact that she returned home later than they would have liked. This resulted in frequent quarrels in the household.”

The accused has also told police that Kalawati would insist that there was nothing wrong in the way she dressed up as the world was changing and that her timings of returning home depended on her work. He feared that her behaviour would have an impact on her daughter too.

Shankar allegedly planned to kill her. He found an opportunity when Kalawati’s husband was away at work on Friday Evening. Police said that the accused had asked her for accompanying him to an abandoned park in Prahlad Vihar. He told her that he wanted to discuss with her the possibility of her returning back to her native village.

“But in the park, Shankar stabbed her to death. He chopped off her neck, then mutilated her body and cut off her hands from her wrists. The brutality of the murder showed the amount of hatred he harboured towards the woman,” said the DCP. He also added that the accused then allegedly wrapped the chopped body parts in her saree and walked out of the park, leaving her headless body amid the bushes. Later, he has thrown the bundle in a tempo that was passing by.

When Kalawati’s husband failed to trace his wife, he went to Vijay Vihar police station and filed a missing report around 1:30 pm on Saturday, 26 August.

“Before the police could set out to trace Shankar, he walked into the police station and confessed to killing Kalawati,” said the DCP.

The Logical Indian condemns the honour killings altogether. Kalawati’s liberal outlook towards her life which was hurting his family’s honour became the cause of her brutal death. Such brutish culprits should be brought to justice as early as possible.

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