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Drinking water from human poop? Yes, Bill Gates makes it a reality!

The Logical Indian

January 10th, 2015

Sewage is first boiled, this releases water vapour and leaves dry sludge. The dry sludge is then heated to produce steam. And finally, whatever remains forms ash, which may be used as manure. Water vapour is further processed to give clean drinking water. The steam released is forwarded to a generator, that provides electricity to drive the processor, and with that, some surplus that is sent to nearby houses or factories. Needless to mention, our problem of safe waste disposal is solved, and how! All in all, it is a relatively low maintenance, high efficacy system, functioning on that one thing we need to dispose. If appropriately set up and used, it frees us of the old practice of landfills that are being rapidly exhausted, and provides us clean water, both of which are crucial to combat numerous diseases like typhoid and cholera. Also, it runs on the electricity it generates, and not on external sources that require excess funding, and pose a threat to our already limited reserves.

The Janicki Omniprocessor is our newest example of sustainable development, provision of an efficient system without compromising on natural resources.

Divleen Sidhu, Columnist


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