183 Buildings In Nagpur Identified As ‘Dilapidated’ By Municipal Corporation Are Still In Use

A survey conducted by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) reveals that 183 out of 317 buildings identified as ‘dilapidated’ are still in use in the city.

Owners of 36 such buildings claim to have repaired their structures, states the survey conducted by the NMC. However, government officials state that the buildings are completely unsafe and have no scope for repairs.

The maximum number of 105 dilapidated buildings are in Gandhibagh area, and Nehru Nagar zone stands second with 58 buildings.

Most of the buildings listed in the survey are irreparable and needs to be destroyed. Zonal offices have instructed owners to demolish the buildings. However, most of the dilapidated buildings are still in use due to disputes between owners and tenants, told Ashok Patil, NMC assistant municipal commissioner, to The Times of India.

Several people asking NMC to take strict action against building owners have urged that “NMC should disconnect water supply and electricity to dilapidated buildings. It has issued many notices and we hope that property owners will take cognisance and vacate the buildings to avoid any kind of loss in case of mishaps.”

Over 20,000 Buildings Are More Than Three Decades Old

Further, door to door survey conducted by the NMC reveals that 20,016 buildings in the city are more than three decades old.

The government, in this regard, has asked owners to submit a certificate with planning authorities after getting their properties examined and repaired. The government has further directed planning authorities to recover costs from the owners if they fail to get their properties repaired.

Officials blame NMC for failing to appoint structural engineers for the survey and not taking any concrete steps to comply with government officials. The Times of India quoted a BMC official as saying that despite clear instructions, the NMC did not take any concrete steps, it even failed to appoint structural engineers for the survey.

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