H For Handwashing: This Childrens Book By Ruskin Bond Transforms The Letter H Into The Symbol Of Handwashing!

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H For Handwashing: This Children's Book By Ruskin Bond Transforms The Letter H Into The Symbol Of Handwashing!

To celebrate Global Handwashing Day this year, Lifebuoy launched its first-ever children's alphabet book - H For Handwashing.

Good hand hygiene is the cornerstone of a healthy and disease-free life, and with the Covid-19 outbreak, washing hands has become even more imperative than ever. The world still lacks awareness of good hygiene practices and their role in reducing the spread of diseases. Regularly washing hands with soap during key occasions throughout the day can prevent and drastically reduce the chances of falling ill. Lifebuoy has always urged people to follow good hygiene habits, and it is now advocating for greater emphasis on hand hygiene education. Last year Lifebuoy launched its H for Handwashing initiative, which aims to inculcate hand hygiene behaviour in the early years of a child. The campaign drove significant awareness, reaching more than 11 million children, with support from partners worldwide and over 100 influencers!

To celebrate Global Handwashing Day (15th October) this year, Lifebuoy launched its first-ever H for Handwashing Alphabet Book. Written by the world-renowned author Mr. Ruskin Bond! The book seamlessly integrates hand hygiene concepts in the English alphabet. It aims to change the way children have been learning the alphabet for years – A for apple, B for a ball and so on. The book is transforming the letter H so that kids from all over the world remember H does not just stand for Hat, Horse or Hippo but now also for Handwashing. With a touch of colour and whimsical added through the illustrations by Omkar Mahashabde, the book takes its readers through a day of children visiting the zoo. Don't forget to download your copy for free!

To drive the H for Handwashing movement further, Lifebuoy also hosted a global and an Indian event. The Indian event focused on the launch of the H for Handwashing Alphabet book. The panel at the India launch event included the presence of Mr Ruskin Bond - Author, Kajol – Lifebuoy's handwashing ambassador, Mr Sanjiv Mehta – Chairman & Managing Director, Hindustan Unilever Ltd and Shri Kanwar Pal Gujjar - Education Minister of Haryana.

At their global virtual event - World's Largest Classroom, Lifebuoy announced its partnership with Sesame Workshop. The brand launched their first digital behaviour change game starring Sesame Workshop's beloved Muppets that will remind children that H is for Handwashing! The panel of experts at their global event composed of Rico Hizon - CNN Anchor and broadcast journalist Roberta Golinkoff - Academic and author of over 14 books on early childhood learning, Kajol – Lifebuoy's handwashing ambassador.

Lifebuoy has partnered with NGOs to collaborate with the Ministry of Education to disseminate the book across public and private schools in the country and is available for free download on their website. In a post-pandemic world where washing hands has become a must, campaigns such as this can bring about significant changes. The Logical Indian appreciates the initiative taken by Lifebuoy and the lengths that it has gone to inculcate the habit of handwashing at a child's early years of life. We hope these thoughtful actions by Lifebuoy reach the masses and bring about the change to create healthy habits.

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