This Maharashtra NGO Opens School To Provide Free Education For Transgender Persons

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This Maharashtra NGO Opens School To Provide Free Education For Transgender Persons

Around 25 students have been registered to a school opened for transgender persons in Maharashtra's Palghar district.

A non-governmental organisation in the Vasai area of Maharashtra's Palghar district has opened a school for transgender persons. The organisation took up the initiative because people belonging to the community had complained that education was almost inaccessible to them, and nobody was willing to teach them.

The Hindustan Times reported the founder of the NGO, Rekha Tripathi, saying that everyone should have equal access to education. About 25 children have been admitted to the school so far. The new platform for education would open new avenues for the children of the marginalised community.

"A few years back; a transgender person explained to me that several people from the community were facing problems in getting jobs as they did not have even basic education. Social stigma, paired with poor economic conditions have contributed to this issue," she added

National Literacy Rate For Transgender People

In 2020, the pass percentage of students in grade 10 belonging to the transgender community declined by 15.79 per cent. Whereas those in class 12 decreased by 16.66 per cent.

According to the 2011 census, their literacy rate was 57.06 per cent. However, more than 50,000 transgender persons were under the age of six. Those children would currently be in the age bracket of 10 to 16 years and would be looking for education.

Contributing Factors

Lack of awareness amongst students and teachers about the gender identity crisis led to discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Due to a lack of educational opportunities, several mainstream career avenues are not accepting of them. Even if they get through in mainstream careers, they often face verbal and sexual harassment at the workplace.

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