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Pronounced 'Husband & Husband': Gay Couple Ties Knot For The First Time In Telangana

In a first, Supriyo Chakraborty and Abhay Dange tied the knot in Telangana and the ceremony was officiated by a trans woman from Hyderabad, Sophia David. The wedding was attended by over 60 people comprising family and close friends.

Abhay Dange sang his wedding vows to his bridegroom Supriyo Chakraborty on Saturday in Telangana's Trance Greenfields Resort. The couple had announced their marriage in October and received support from thousands on social media. South Indian Actress had retweeted the news while congratulating the couple.

Dange and Chakraborty wanted to spread the message that #LoveIsLove. Until now, the Indian law does not recognize marriages between same-sex couples, but the two decided to officiate their relationship as 'man and man', with a promising ceremony of acceptance, more than validation.

Officiated By A Trans Woman

Interestingly, the wedding ceremony was officiated by a Hyderabad-based trans woman, Sophia David. She told Telangana Today, "I felt overwhelmed, because after the grooms said, 'I do', I got the audience also to declare their visible allyship… and they said 'I do' too, wholeheartedly".

The Dange-Chakraborty wedding was the first of its kind affair for Sophia. She added that this was an extraordinary event because she was not working for her clients but two of her very dear friends. She further said, "The best part was Abhay and Supriyo gave me all the autonomy I needed to curate the entire ceremony and the events that followed".

Pronounced Each Other As Soulmates

Over 60 people, comprising family, friends and members of the LGBTQIA community, attended the wedding ceremony where Dange and Chakraborty pronounced each other as 'soulmates'. Supriyo and Abhay wished that their wedding pushed several closet LGBTQ couples to come out and normalize weddings amongst the community.

The two realized that they were 'different' during their school years but came out later in life. Supriyo is a Bengali and works in the hospitality industry, whereas Abhay is an IT professional and Punjabi by culture. They had been dating for more than eight years and had decided to announce their union by early 2021.

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