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"PM Modi Sent Me Money": Bihar Man Refuses To Return Rs 5.5 Lakh Erroneously Credited In Bank Account

Ranjeet Das, a 30-year-old from Bakhtiyarpur village in Khagaria district's Mansi police station area, was arrested after an FIR was filed against him by the Gramin bank for refusing to refund the money.

A man in Bihar's Khagaria district refused to refund ₹5.5 lakh that had been erroneously credited to his account by the Gramin, claiming that the money had been credited to his account by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ranjeet Das, a 30-year-old tutor from Bakhtiyarpur village received money from the bank. When the bank realised the blunder, they called Das and urged him to repay the funds as soon as possible.

Despite multiple notices, he refused to return the money.

Das stated that he was on the notion that the amount was from the Prime Minister who had promised to deposit ₹15 lakh in everyone's account.

"I was very happy when I received the money in March this year. I thought as Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised everyone of depositing Rs 15 lakh in their bank account, I thought that it could be the first installment of it. I have spent all the money. Now, I did not have money in my bank account," Das said, as per News18.

Under pressure from top bank officials, Das returned a portion of the money but later refused to refund the remaining ₹1,60,970, according to a bank officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity, reported The Times of India.

Satya Narayan Prasad, the manager of the Dakshin Bihar Gramin Bank's Mansi branch, filed an FIR against Das with the Mansi police station on August 17 this year, requesting that he be prosecuted.

Another Similar Incidence Occurred In Bihar

On September 15, two sixth-grade pupils, Asit Kumar and Guruchandra Vishwas, received more than ₹900 crore in their bank accounts in Katihar district.

The guys went to the local State Bank of India (SBI) Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) to inquire about the amount deposited by the state government for school uniforms but were shocked to discover the vast sum of money, according to a report on Hindustan Times.

Manoj Gupta, the branch manager, was flabbergasted when he learned of the problem and immediately halted any cash withdrawals. A probe has been ordered, and senior bank authorities have been notified.

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