Relocation Of DNB Medical Candidates Leads To Back-Door Entry, Transparency Of NBE In Question
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Relocation Of DNB Medical Candidates Leads To 'Back-Door Entry', Transparency Of NBE In Question

The process of allocation of seats is considered to be conducted opaquely where candidates allotted to institutions that lose accreditation are 'relocated' to those where seats are still vacant.

The entrance test conducted for post-graduate medical degree course is considered to be one of the most rigorous tests in the country. As the total percentage of seats offered in medical courses is quite low, the medical candidates have a hard time securing seats in the most sought-after branches in medical studies.

The process of allocation of seats is conducted opaquely where candidates allotted to institutions that lose accreditation are 'relocated' to those where seats are still vacant.

However, in some cases, candidates for DNB (a postgraduate medical degree) get allotted to students ranked around 34,600 in the entrance exams. The speciality programmes in medical studies like radio diagnosis are in the high-demand especially in premier medical colleges and are usually allocated to students securing higher marks in the exams.

Such instances bring us to the question of how a candidate ranked around 15,000 could get admission into an institution which usually gets filled around rank 5,000.

Noticing this trend, many medical candidates have accused the National Board of Examination (NBE) of facilitating such 'back-door entry' for some candidates.

Process Of Seat Allocation By NBE- Transparency In Question

The NBE, which regulates postgraduate courses in various medical specialities, mostly in private hospitals, allots hospitals to candidates according to their preference and ranking in the entrance exam.

It works as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (India), Government of India. Its primary role is in standardising postgraduate medical education and examination in India. It conducts the largest portfolio of examinations in the field of medicine in India.

Over the past few years, it has been observed that the board withdraws accreditation of the entire hospital or seats in a few specialities even after allotment, leaving hundreds of students in an uncertain situation.

According to The Times Of India report, two medical students, both of them who ranked in the range of 35,000 were allotted transfusion medicine in Nayati hospital situation in Mathura.

Later, NBE cancelled the accreditation for Nayati hospital. After that, both the candidates were shifted to other hospitals for specialities like radio diagnosis and ophthalmology, which are the most sought-after branches that medical students opt for.

Dr Sunil Girdhar, who completed his medical studies from PGIMS(Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences), Rohtak, Haryana shares the difficulties that he faced to get admission due to irregularities in the process.

"I was allocated Amaltas Medical College in MP in August last year after securing rank around 15,000 in general medicine. On November 6, NBE withdrew accreditation and offered a general medicine seat in a 200-bed hospital in Hyderabad. If I do DNB from a medical college or a hospital with over 500 beds, I would not need to do an extra year of senior residency to have equivalence with MD/MS," Sunil Girdhar told The Logical Indian.

Sunil had filed a case against NBE, but it's a financial loss to fight a case.

Every year, accreditation of seats in over a dozen hospitals across the country is withdrawn because they fail to maintain academic standards or to pay regular stipends to medical students. This irregularity in the admission process puts the career of thousands of medical students in an uncertain situation.

The medical candidates hope that NBE adopts a better and transparent approach not just for the relocation process, but also for inspection of hospitals regarding accreditation and inspection documents.

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