40% Indians At Risk Of Losing 9 Years Of Life Expectancy Due To Pollution, Says Report

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40% Indians At Risk Of Losing 9 Years Of Life Expectancy Due To Pollution, Says Report

A report by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago mentioned that more than 480 million people living in several parts of North India endure significantly high exposure to pollution.

A report prepared by the Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago published a report that said that the life expectancy of nearly 40 per cent of Indians by more than nine years. It mentioned that more than 480 million people who live in the vast swathes of central, eastern and northern India, including the capital, endure significantly high pollution levels.

The report stated, "alarmingly, India's high levels of air pollution have expanded geographically over time". For instance, the air quality of Maharashtra in Western India and the Central State of Madhya Pradesh has worsened.

NCAP Goals Could Increase Life Expectancy By 1.7 Yrs

LiveMint reported that the research lauded India's National Clean Air Program (NCAP), launched in 2019 to reduce dangerous pollution levels. "Achieving and Sustaining" the NCAP goals would increase the overall life expectancy of Indians by 1.7 years and the residents of New Delhi by 3.1 years.

NCAP was launched to reduce pollution in 102 worst-affected cities by 20 to 30 per cent by 2024. IQAir, A Swiss group that measures air quality levels based on the concentration of lung-damaging airborne particles known as PM2.5, ranked New Delhi as the most polluted capital in the world in 2020, for the third time in a row.

Delhi Residents Breathed In Cleanest Air Because Of COVID Curbs

In 2020, the residents of the National Capital breathed in some of the cleanest air owing to the curbs due to the pandemic. However, in the winters, there was a sharp increase in toxicity in the air following the burning of farm residue in the neighbouring states of Haryana and Punjab. The EPIC report also mentioned that if Bangladesh works according to the World Health Organisation's guidelines, it will increase 5.4 years of life expectancy.

EPIC compares the health of people exposed to different levels of long-term air pollution. After that, it applies the results to various places in India and elsewhere to arrive at the life expectancy number.

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