Madhya Pradesh: Jabalpur Hospital To Install Milk Bank For Lactating Mothers

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Madhya Pradesh: Jabalpur Hospital To Install 'Milk Bank' For Lactating Mothers

The city's Rani Durgavati Hospital is the biggest in the Jabalpur division, as it admits over 50 pregnant women and does 30 deliveries daily. The bank will cater to patients who come from private hospitals as well.

The Rani Durgavati Hospital in Jabalpur is set to install a 'Milk Bank' on its premises for lactating mothers. The aim is to store the extra milk from mothers and give it to those who have troubles during breastfeeding.

According to News 18, the bank will be constructed within six months and is currently underway. A team of doctors and a few members of the National Health Mission inspected the milk bank's health facility in the upcoming months.

Helping Breastfeeding Mothers

The Health Service joint director, Dr Sanjay Mishra, spoke to ANI in great detail about the project. He said, "Some lactating women end up giving a higher amount of milk which might create health problems for them. On the other hand, some mothers cannot provide sufficient breast milk for their children. Hence, the government decided to establish a milk bank at Rani Durgavati Hospital."

Further, Mishra added that many breastfeeding mothers rely on cow's milk or powdered milk when facing trouble in the otherwise natural process. Therefore, the bank will mitigate the glaring issue. "Milk from women who are getting higher quantity will be collected, pasteurised and stored, which further, will be made available to the children of mothers who are producing less amount. Also, the bank will be accessible not just for hospital patients but also for those who come from private hospitals, and it will be free of cost.

This particular hospital is the largest Jabalpur division. Over 50 pregnant women are admitted to the Rani Durgavati Hospital, and 30 deliveries are carried out daily.

According to the International Breastfeeding Journal, around 80 milk banks exist in India as of December 2020. Mumbai's Sion Hospital set up the country's first human milk bank in 1989. Till now, 3000 to 5000 babies have benefited from it. 800 to 1200 litres of milk is given to the bank for the children in need in the Neonatal ICU.

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