CJI Bats For Govt Subsidy To Diabetics: Here Is Why Its Important

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CJI Bats For Govt Subsidy To Diabetics: Here Is Why It's Important

CJI NV Ramana said that the government should provide 'subsidy and support for diabetic care' because the cost of treatment for the chronic condition is out of reach for common patients.

The Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana, who has been battling diabetes for more than three decades, said that the government should provide subsidies and support for diabetic care since the treatment cost of the disease is out of reach of the common patients. The CJI was speaking at the Ahuja-Bajaj Symposium for Diabetes.

While applauding the scientists for developing the vaccine for COVID-19 within months, he mentioned that there is no breakthrough in developing a cure for diabetes, which has been prevalent for centuries. The only way to manage diabetes is through a strict restrictive regimen to control sugar levels by managing the diet and lifestyle.

Inability To Afford Insulin: Other Healthcare Products

CJI Ramana said, "The human cost is immense. The economic cost to the nation is immense. The economic cost to the nation is immeasurable. Therefore, the state must provide support and subsidy for diabetic care. The government also needs to train and introduce more healthcare professionals to deal with this problem", reported The Times of India.

He emphasized that diabetes was an expensive disease and a recurring financial burden of a lifetime on the patient. A vast majority of the population is unable to afford Insulin, other medicines and healthcare products.

Why Is Govt Support Important?

India is home to 77 million diabetic patients, the second-highest in the world. A survey titled Diabetes Atlas 2017 reported that 1,28,500 children and adolescents in India were suffering from the condition. Obesity is one of the highest risk factors for diabetes, and an average of 20.4 per cent of the Indian population was overweight in 2018, compared to a mere 8.7 per cent in 1990. The massive increase in two decades is a signal of worry and alarm about the impending disaster of diabetes.

Thus, government subsidies and support would benefit people from lower-income households to seek help and relieve much of the population from the mental agony of having a chronic health condition.

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