UP Govt To Spend Rs 3,000 Cr In Developing Healthcare Facilities, Free Service For 48 Hrs In Emergency Cases

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UP Govt To Spend Rs 3,000 Cr In Developing Healthcare Facilities, Free Service For 48 Hrs In Emergency Cases

Under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath, the UP government has worked in a planned and phased manner to improve the existing healthcare system, focusing on expanding the health infrastructure in the state.

The Uttar Pradesh government has embarked upon the commitment to safeguard every life in the state by bringing about radical changes in the existing health facilities by working in a planned and phased manner for the last five years. The government will spend Rs 3000 crores for this purpose.

According to the principal secretary of medical education, Alok Kumar, the initial 48 hours are critical to saving lives. Therefore, the UP chief minister has proposed free treatment for emergency care patients for the first 48 hours.

Live Emergency Monitoring System

Under schemes like ''One District, One Medical College'', the Adityanath government will address the issue of geographical disparity in the healthcare sector by building medical colleges in each of the 75 districts of the state, reported The Print.

UP will become India's first state to have a Live Emergency Monitoring System. To implement this scheme, an Integrated Trauma and Emergency Center will be set up along the lines of the COVID Command Center.

Once implemented, the Live Emergency Monitoring System will facilitate easy hospital admission, especially in an emergency. Planning is being done to implement a Live Emergency Monitoring System in the state in a phased manner.

Total Budget Of Rs 3,000 Cr

Of the total Rs 3,000 crores proposed by the government, Rs 1,614 crores will be spent to develop the primary health care facilities in five years, Rs 550 crores for providing free treatment to trauma and non-trauma medicine patients, reported Mint.

A total of Rs 300 crore is allocated for enhancing ambulance service, where the state will purchase 750 ambulances with advanced life support systems. Ambulance services will be available on a single call.

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