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Uttar Pradesh Sets Record, Plants 25 Crore Saplings In A Day

The saplings were planted during the state government’s 'Van Mahotsav' programme on July 4. A total of more than one billion saplings have been planted in the state since Adityanath became Chief Minister.

The Uttar Pradesh government stated that it had set a new record by planting 25 crore saplings in a single day. The saplings were planted during the state government's 'Van Mahotsav' programme on July 4. As part of this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath participated in a plantation drive in Sultanpur along the Purvanchal Expressway.

Governor Anandiben Patel participated in one such programme, where she inaugurated a 'Smiriti Vatika' in Jhansi. Under this, she planted saplings that are abundant in medicinal properties and nutrients. According to the government, the total number of saplings planted in this Vatika was approximately 5,000, reported The Economic Times.

Planting Of Record Saplings

On July 4, by 5.49 pm, the state achieved the record of planting 25 crore saplings. By 6.15 pm, the figure stood at 25,50,90,119. Finally, by 8.29 pm, as many as 25,51,04,004 saplings were planted under the programme.

According to a statement released by the government, more than one billion saplings have been planted in UP since Adityanath became the chief minister.

Establishment Of Economic Clusters

During the plantation programme, the CM also declared five industrial clusters along the new Purvanchal Expressway. The development of industries in this area will result in increased employment opportunities for the state's youth.

Adityanath claimed that Uttar Pradesh would soon become the largest economy in the country under the prime minister's leadership. "For the people of Purvanchal, keeping this expressway at the centre, our government has decided to develop five industrial clusters at five locations," he said.

Not just that. There will be IT parks, ODOP, textile parks, which will provide employment opportunities to several youngsters. The CM further mentioned that creating the action plan around the Purvanchal Expressway area ensures that Uttar Pradesh's youth can get jobs in the state itself. This would enable them to contribute to the development of the state while being self-reliant. Adityanath hopes that eventually, these youth will help Uttar Pradesh become a USD 1 billion economy.

Appeal To Follow Protocols

The minister also appealed to people to follow COVID-appropriate protocols piously. He said that the support of the citizens of Uttar Pradesh has helped the state control the pandemic spread to a large extent.

He said that the UP government provides all facilities – be it sanitisation, testing, or vaccination. He urged the people to be careful, listen to the surveillance committees, and follow their advice. "Get vaccinated as the vaccine is the only protective shield against coronavirus," the CM said.

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