National Master Plan Comes Into Action; Launch Of PM Gati Shakti For Multi-Modal Connectivity

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National Master Plan Comes Into Action; Launch Of 'PM Gati Shakti' For Multi-Modal Connectivity

The PM GatiShakti- National Master Plan is a step forward towards the Prime Minister's vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat and aims to lend more power and speed to projects under the $1.5-trillion National Infrastructure Pipeline.

The launch of "PM Gati Shakti- National Master Plan" marked a milestone for India's infrastructural landscape. PM Narendra Modi launched the event for multi-modal connectivity to the five economic zones of the country. The launch is a step towards realizing the Prime Minister's dream of an Atmanirbhar Bharat and aims to lend more power and speed to projects under the $1.5-trillion National Infrastructure Pipeline. It would also boost the goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy, particularly in the wake of the global health emergency.

A Centralized Portal for All Infrastructural Projects

Before launching the event by pressing a remote button, Prime Minister reviewed the GatiShakti master plan and the model of the new exhibition complex at Pragati Maidan in the national Capital. The ambitious plan envisions a centralized portal to unite infrastructural initiatives planned and initiated by as many as 16 ministries and departments of the government. Piyush Goyal, the union minister for Commerce and Industry, would provide a new direction and faster pace to the existing projects.

Six Main Pillars Of The Plan

According to Hindustan Times, the GatiShakti plan stands primarily on six main pillars; under comprehensiveness, the government would include all existing and planned initiatives of several ministries and departments under a single centralized portal. This would enable every department to see the progress of another department and provide them with critical inputs in a comprehensive manner. Secondly, the departments would now be able to prioritize their projects with the help of cross-sectoral interactions.

The National Master Plan would assist respective ministries in identifying critical plans and accordingly plan their projects. Moreover, the departments will also be guided to choose the best routes for transportation at minimum time and cost. Often, there are delays in implementing several projects because ministries and departments currently work in isolation, causing a severe lack of coordination. Under the new plan, the ministries would work together in a synchronized manner.

The GatiShakti plan would provide all analytical input and entire data at one place with GIS-based spatial planning and analytical tools, which would enable better visibility of the progress to the executing agency. This would also help the ministries to identify the vital interventions to enhance and update the plan.

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