Rajasthan Launches Easy-To-Use Mobile App For Sale Of Organic Produce

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Rajasthan Launches 'Easy-To-Use' Mobile App For Sale Of Organic Produce

The purchase and sale of organic products in the state can now be routed through the 'Raj Kisan Organic' mobile application.

With an increasing number of farmers switching to organic farming and the demand for such products witnessing a rise in the state, the Rajasthan government has launched an application to facilitate the coordination and negation between farmers and buyers of organic produce.

Called the 'Raj Kisan Organic' application, it has been developed by the state's Agriculture Department. The purchase and sale of organic products in the state can now be routed through this online medium. Rajasthan agriculture minister Lalchand Kataria stated that more than 20,000 farmers became members of around 90 organic producer groups registered with the Rajasthan State Organic Certification Organisation.

"These farmers are producing organic grains, vegetables, spices, and fruits, but they find it difficult to find buyers to sell their produce," he said, reported Republic.

Moreover, the farmers found it challenging to find an organised market to sell their produce. The application solves this problem by creating an interface between the farmers and consumers of organic produce.

Mobile-Compatible App

By downloading this application from Google Play Store, individual farmers or farmer groups can directly sell their products to registered buyers without any middlemen.

Commissioner, agriculture department, Dr. Omprakash said that the farmers are also required to submit details of the certificates issued by relevant government authorities that verify their credentials to the mobile application. Following this, they can upload details of their crop name, price of produce, cultivable land, and so on.

So far 160 farmers and 29 buyers have registered on this app, the minister added, according to the Hindustan Times.

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