IAS Officer Navjot Khosa Takes Thiruvananthapuram Ahead With Keralas First 24*7 Drive-In Vaccination

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IAS Officer Navjot Khosa Takes Thiruvananthapuram Ahead With Kerala's First 24*7 Drive-In Vaccination

Kerala has been the game-changer when it comes to the management of health crises. On a similar note, the District Collector of the state's capital Thiruvananthapuram came up with an out-of-the-box idea to reach the last person.

Getting vaccinated is very important, the more pertinent question that remains is where to get vaccinated? Will vaccines be available? How long will it take? Will there be a queue to beat? Navjot Khosa, the collector of Thiruvananthapuram came up with an initiative that makes the above questions and concerns irrelevant. She launched an initiative, a first of its kind in Kerela that enables people from all walks of life to get vaccinated in a fast, safe and secure way. Vaccination in Thiruvanthapuram got that easy.

Fighting the pandemic is not new for Kerala, it has a history of overcoming challenges posed by diseases in the most exemplary manner —be it the Nipah virus or the first wave of COVID-19. The challenges are bigger as Kerala has one of the largest diaspora populations also. The state administration is known for its quick, effective, and efficient responses in handling health emergencies. Living up to this good reputation is the collector of Thiruvananthapuram Najot Khosa, who has launched a first of its kind initiative to boost the momentum of the vaccination drive in Kerala.

Drive-In Vaccination: A First Of Its Kind In Kerela

Kerala's capital Thiruvanthapuram became the first in the state to launch a '24x7 drive-through vaccination centre' to boost the vaccination drive, cover more people and reach the last person. The initiative is an instant hit among the people with many coming in their own vehicles, cars, bikes, cycles and even on foot to get themselves vaccinated. Thanks to this and other outreach activities, Thiruvananthapuram is on course and close to reaching the milestone of getting its entire population vaccinated.

IAS Najot Khosa while checking the vaccination drive

Adding Momentum To Vaccination

Onam is on the horizon and the festive mood has kicked in, vaccination slowly moved down the pecking order. The need to re-invigorate the vaccination drive and build momentum to the so-far successful vaccination drive became all the more important. That was when Thiruvananthapuram collector Navjot Khosa came up with Kerala's first drive-in vaccination program. "The coming of the festive season meant vaccination might go down the pecking order"

"We had to come up with a fresh initiative to keep the momentum going and I am extremely delighted with the response it has received," said Navjot Khosa while speaking with The Logical Indian. People now need not have to shelve their work, plans or festive preparation. The initiative meant people could get vaccinated in a fraction of time.

Helping The Elderly, Convenience For Youngsters

The elderly when they came in their own vehicles felt at ease to get their dose by sitting in their vehicles. The fear of visiting a crowded place or standing in queue was no more.

It made it easy for youngsters to drive their bikes, auto drivers to sit in the vehicles and get vaccinated. Even people took the liberty to walk into the drive-in facility and get vaccinated. "People have come in autos, cycles, cars and even on foot, it was a facility and arrangement meant for all", the Collector said.

Jobs, festivals and other externalities being a hurdle for people to reach the vaccine centres on time for their dose. That fear is no more, the availability of the vaccination centre 24x7 means people can finish their duties and come at the convenient time to get vaccinated.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Najot Khosa said, "People have accepted the virus as a part of their lives. To get the regular injections, they have to visit health centres and hospitals. The elderly and the younger population are sometimes sceptical of stepping into the hospitals". The only requirement from people's side was that they would have to register for the dose online before they come. The public can arrive in their vehicles, get injected without stepping down from their cars, and then wait for some time in the observation area in the vehicles only.

Vaccination Drive Being Conducted

Seamless Experience And An Instant Hit

From the arrival to getting vaccinated and waiting for the required observation period, all without one having alight from their car, bike or auto meant, this was the most seamless experience people of Kerala witnessed when it comes to getting vaccinated. Talking about the initiative's success, IAS Navjot Khosa added that it has just been four to five days since they have launched it, but the response has been overwhelming.

On the first day, nearly 500 slots were made available, and all of them were booked, on the second day, 1000 slots were booked in 20 minutes, and now they are planning to make 1,500 slots available for the public. This drive had three core objectives— to make vaccination accessible for the elderly, vaccinate as many people as possible through the drive-in and keep the facility open at all times and the objectives were met with stupendous success.

The Logical Indian lauds Navjot Khosa and the team for the continued efforts and new initiatives to ensure the entire population of Thiruvananthapuram gets vaccinated. The huge reception and participation is a testimony to the success of the initiative. We also thank the people of Thiruvananthapuram for making the initiative a successful one by coming forth and getting vaccinated. The belief to overcome the pandemic is reinforced and together let us fight and overcome the pandemic.

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