Menu For All! IRCTC To Customise Food Services For Diabetics & Infants Among Others

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Menu For All! IRCTC To Customise Food Services For Diabetics & Infants Among Others

Switching from the standardised menu that has existed since its inception, the IRCTC has been directed to incorporate the diverse nutritional and regional needs of different groups of people, to serve their passengers better.

In a series of moves to improve passenger service, the Railway Board has now waved the green flag to customise their menu to accommodate local and regional cuisine along with food that would be suitable for diabetics, infants, and people with health concerns. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has received a note from the Indian Railway to set a menu keeping these factors in consideration. With its implementation, passengers would get healthier and more sustainable dietary options to choose from.

Menu For One And All

IRCTC has been bringing about several initiatives to better the food quality on trains in collaboration with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and other bodies. Among these is the 'Eat Right' status certification that is awarded to railway stations that comply with the required hygienic and quality food services. In line with this, the Indian Railways has now directed the IRCTC to customise the menus offered on trains to accommodate the different nutritional and regional differences. In the note circulated by the Railways, it was conveyed that the move was "a measure to improve catering services on trains."

The same note suggests that the railways would be giving IRCTC the flexibility to decide their menu including items of "regional cuisines/preferences, seasonal delicacies, requirement during festivals, food items as per the preferences of a different group of passengers such as diabetic food, baby food, health food options, including millet-based local products among others."

This is a huge leap in the service of IRCTC as they are known to have comprised mostly standardised food items and beverages since its inception. Going further, they would be putting together a tailored menu suitable for the diverse people and would have it approved by the Railway Board before they can introduce them on trains.

Newly Notified Tariffs

As per a report by NDTV, in the 'prepaid' trains, in which catering charges remain included in the passenger fare, the menu will be decided by the IRCTC within the tariff that is already notified. The prepaid ticket holders would also be able to avail of the services of the a-la-carte meals and branded food items at the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) as decided by the IRCTC. In regard to the remaining mail/express trains, the menu of budget segment items like standard meals will be decided by the IRCTC within the fixed tariff already notified and would also receive services of the a-la-carte meals and branded food as before. The menu and tariff of the 'janta' meals will remain unchanged.

Information about the revised tariffs and menus would be pre-notified to the passengers. Furthermore, the IRCTC emphasised that the meals would reach the passengers only after the ensured checks made on the upgradation in quality and standards of food. Frequent checks will be made to ensure that undue changes in the quantity and quality of the food do not occur. A proper channel to address such concerns and passenger grievances will be facilitated.

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