Rajasthan Govt Conducts Awareness Drives In 6 Phases To Uplift Tribals, Forest Dwellers

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Rajasthan Govt Conducts Awareness Drives In 6 Phases To Uplift Tribals, Forest Dwellers

In order to improve the livelihood of the tribal communities and other traditional forest dwellers through several schemes, the tribal regional development department announced a three-month special campaign.

In a bid to ensure the tribals and forest dwellers benefit from various schemes and projects, the Rajasthan government kick-started a three-month special campaign.

The ongoing campaign, which started on August 9 and will continue till November 9, will be carried out in phases and aims to spread awareness about the existing schemes and to uplift these marginalised communities.

Pragya Kewalramani, the commissioner of the tribal regional development department while announcing the initiative stated that the process would end with the beneficiaries receiving their rights letter, reported by The Times Of India

What Are The Phases In The Campaign?

The campaign will be executed in stages.

The procedure of receiving claims will be finished in the first phase of the campaign, which would be conducted from August 9 to August 20, 2021, and claimants will be able to file their claims at the Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, or subdivision levels.

From August 16 to 23, the sub-divisional officer and development officer will forward the claims (received online/ e-mitra center/individually) to the Gram Panchayat in the second phase of the campaign. This task has been entrusted to the village development officer, patwari, land record inspector, and forest department personnel.

The tax and forest department will produce a report on the applications and make them accessible to the village development officer during the third phase of the campaign, which runs from August 23 to August 31. Tehsildars, development officers, patwaris, land record inspectors, and forest department employees will all contribute to this effort.

From September 1 to 17, Gram Sabhas will be held to make suitable judgements on the claim forms submitted. To facilitate this, a village development officer and a forest rights committee have been established.

Simultaneously, claim forms would be forwarded from the gram panchayat to the sub-division level committee, the village development officer will play a key role in this process.

The sixth and final phase will commence in October. With the successful completion of this process, the Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest inhabitants in the state will receive rights letters, allowing them to benefit from the department's schemes, projects, and programs, as well as those of other departments, in order to improve their livelihood.

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