Video Of  Journalist Naveen Kumar Shared As Rohit Sardanas Last Words

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Video Of Journalist Naveen Kumar Shared As Rohit Sardana's Last Words

Netizens are sharing a video of journalist Naveen Kumar with a false claim that man in the video is deceased TV anchor Rohit Sardana. The Logical Indian Fact-Check team debunks the claim.

A video is viral on social media platforms in which a person is complaining against the health infrastructure of India. In the 4.07 minutes viral video, a person who seems unwell talks about dying people and the disturbing condition of doctors during this pandemic. He talks about the need to move beyond the fights for mandir and masjid.

Netizens are sharing the video with a claim that it is the last video of Rohit Sardana, a news anchor, who died of a heart attack, post recovering from COVID-19 on April 30, 2021. The video is widely shared on Facebook.

In the video, the person says, "I have never seen the country transform into a pile of dead bodies until today. We have never been this helpless. As a country, as people, as a democracy, we've proved to be useless, corrupt and barbaric. We all are expecting help from God. It feels there is no Government, Prime Minister, System, Bureaucrats, and everyone has been left on their own. In the last 40 to 45 years, I never saw doctors wailing. Speak to any doctor, and they will say they dislike their profession now as they never expected to see their patients die due to lack of oxygen, which is very disturbing. Trust me, in another year, our doctors will be suffering from mental health problems due to the deaths that they are seeing and the helplessness they are feeling. This nation has been turned into living hell, and we all are left weak as if we mean nothing. This time will pass away, maybe by that time I won't be there, doctor Manish and Sonu might also not be there, but those who will be alive should think that the world becomes a better place. Those alive will think that for our coming generations, we shall stop fighting on trivial issues like religion. Those who will live must think that the nation does not need temple, shrines, minarets but needs good hospitals, schools, medical colleges, doctors, paramedic staff, medicines, beds and ventilators. Why is this not possible that the wealth of all the temples of the nation are transferred for medical purposes? Why is it not possible that all the mosques of the nations are converted to hospitals? Why a new law is not passed that no temple must be made without making a 100-bed hospital along with it or a school attached with it?"

The video is also widely shared on Twitter.

The Logical Indian also received the video for a fact-check on its WhatsApp number +91 6364000343.


The man complaining against the health infrastructure of India in the video is anchor Rohit Sardana.

Fact Check:

On closely observing the video, The Logical Indian noticed that the face of the man in the video did not resemble Rohit Sardana.

We also observed that some videos had a logo with the text 'Do Bol', on the top right corner. On searching on the YouTube channel Do Bol, we found the video was published by the channel on April 26, 2021. The title of the video said that the man in the video is journalist Naveen Kumar who was speaking after recovering from coronavirus.

BoomLive contacted Dr Sonu Kumar Bhardwaj, a good friend of Kumar, who said, "Yes, we know his video is going viral with false claims. The video was recorded by my friend Navin Kumar, and in fact, I am one of the doctor's he's interviewing in the video. He is currently stable but in the ICU. I would request people to not share the video with any fake news around it."

Hence, the man in the viral video is not Rohit Sardana.

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