Old Unrelated Photos Of Bhojpuri Actors Arrest Shared With False Barber Jihad Claims

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Old Unrelated Photos Of Bhojpuri Actor's Arrest Shared With False 'Barber Jihad' Claims

A photo has gone viral on social media, claiming that the two people in the photo have confessed to 'Barber Jihad' in Mumbai. The viral claim was verified by the Logical Indian fact-checking team.

A screenshot of a news report showing two people being arrested by police has gone viral, with the claim that the two people confessed to the Mumbai Police that local mosques pay barbers to make incisions with HIV-infected blades while providing services to Hindu customers.

A twitter user, '@pknainpk00' has shared the viral photo with the claim, "ब्रेकिंग न्यूज... मुंबई नाई जिहाद**** एक मुलले ने पुलिस के सामने कुबूल किया कि मस्जिदों में नाईजेहाद के लिए पैसा मिलता है । जिसमें हिंदुओं को एड्स के ब्लेड से हल्का सा चीरा लगाने के लिए सिखाया जाता है. और ज्यादा से ज्यादा लडको को 2"

[English Translation: Breaking News... Mumbai Barber Jihad**** A Mullah confessed to the police that money is received for barber jihad in mosques in which they were taught to make a slight incision with the blade infected with AIDS to Hindu customers. Share as many boys as possible.]

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.

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Local mosques pay barbers to make incisions with HIV-infected blades while serving Hindu customers.

Fact Check:

We noticed that the viral graphic included the 'INDIA TV' logo. Taking a cue from this, we reverse-searched the viral image and discovered a video report on YouTube published in July 2013 on India TV's official YouTube channel. The report is titled 'Mumbai Police arrests Bhojpuri actor Irfan Khan for credit card theft. Mumbai Police had arrested renowned Bhojpuri actor Irfan and his friend Sanjay Yadav from Bihar's Chhapra district on charges of stealing credit cards, chequebooks, bill books and then purchasing valuables.

We also discovered a video report by ABP News published on July 18, 2013, stating that Mumbai Police had arrested two Bhojpuri actors, Irfan and Sanjay, on charges of stealing credit cards and chequebooks. Thirty credit cards,15 chequebooks, and 2.5 lakhs cash were recovered from them. It is worth noticing that none of the media reports mentions any angle of Barber Jihad or incisions HIV-infected blades.


Our investigation revealed that nine years old and unrelated photos of a Bhojpuri actor's arrest were circulated, along with false claims of them receiving funds to use HIV-infected blades to serve Hindu customers. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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