Man Asking To Boycott Reliance & Patanjali Is Not The Owner Of Himalaya Company

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Man Asking To Boycott Reliance & Patanjali Is Not The Owner Of Himalaya Company

A video is going viral on social media. In the video, a person can be seen speaking against Patanjali and Reliance products. It is being claimed in social media posts that this person is the owner of the Himalaya Drug Company.

A video of 2 minutes 20 seconds is going viral on social media where a person can be seen speaking against Patanjali and Reliance. The person is asking people to boycott Reliance's Jio Phone and petrol pump. The video is being shared with a claim that this person is the owner of Himalaya Drug Company. People on social media are sharing this video with a communal spin.

While sharing this video, a person wrote, "ये मुल्ला Himalaya कम्पनी का मालिक है , वक्त है इसके भाषण को सुनिए विचार कीजिए और सतर्क हो जाइए , आयुर्वेदिक मेडिसिन से ब्यूटि प्रॉडक्ट्स बनाता है liv52 syrup se lekar himaliya neem tulsi aur hand sensitiser tak सभी ग्रूप में डालिए और ख़रीदना बंद कीजिए खुद व खुद घुटने पर आ जाएगा बहुतो ऑप्शनस है".

The English translation reads, "This mullah is the owner of Himalaya company, it is time to listen to his speech, think and be alert. He makes ayurvedic medicine and beauty products. Liv52 syrup to Himalaya neem tulsi or hand sensitiser. Put all the things in a group and stop buying. The will come on their knees."

The video was also shared on Twitter as well.


The man seen in the video is the founder of the Himalaya Company.

Fact Check:

The viral claim is false. The man in the video is Bhanu Pratap Singh and has nothing to do with the Himalaya drug company.

One can see flags with 'reject CAA, NRC' written on it on watching the video properly. From which we got the clue that this video is from anti CAA movement.

The video has the logo of 'Times Express Voice of Democracy'. We searched this page on Youtube. We found that this video was uploaded by Times Express on 26 January 2020. The video's title is in Hindi, the translation of which is, 'Stop saying Hindustani – Bhanu Pratap Singh! There was panic among Muslims on CAA'.

The caption accompanying the video reads, "What the country's well-known lawyer Bhanu Pratap Singh said while addressing the public sitting on dharna in Mustafabad, Delhi after the Supreme Court hearing on CAA, watch the full video now.". The part of the viral video starts after 4 minutes 36 seconds.

On doing a google reverse image search with the help of the InVid tool, we found one article on This video was embedded in the news article.

On searching about Bhanu Pratap Singh on Youtube, we found many other videos as well. However, none of the videos suggests that he is the founder of Himalaya Drug Company. On searching more about Bhanu Pratap Singh on Twitter and Facebook, we found that he is a lawyer in the Supreme court of India and president of Rashtriya Janhit Sangharsh Party.

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We also checked the website of Himalaya Drug Company and there is a dedicated page containing information about the complete leadership of the company. We didn't find any Advocate Bhanu associated with the Himalaya Company.

The founder of Himalaya Drug Company was Mohammad Manal, who passed away in 1986. Meraj Manal is the current Chairman of Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd.

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