Doctor Who Consumes Cow Dung Is Hospitalised With Stomach Infection? No, Viral Claim Is False!

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Doctor Who Consumes Cow Dung Is Hospitalised With Stomach Infection? No, Viral Claim Is False!

A photo of a hospitalised man is viral claiming he is Dr Manoj Mittal, a resident of Karnal city in Haryana who consumes cow dung.

Posts containing images claiming that a doctor from Haryana has been hospitalized following a stomach infection is viral on social media. In the first picture, a person can be seen lying in the hospital, while the second picture is a doctor eating cow dung. It is claimed that after consuming cow dung, the doctor got an infection in the whole body, leading to a severe illness, due to which the doctor was admitted to the hospital.

While sharing this claim a Twitter user wrote a caption which reads in Hindi, "गाय का मलमूत्र खाने-पीने वाला मोदी भक्त इन्फेक्शन से पीड़ित होकर अस्पताल में भर्ती है."

[English Translation: Modi Bhakt, who eats and drinks cow's excreta, is hospitalized after suffering from an infection.]

A Facebook user while sharing these images wrote a caption in Hindi that reads, "करनाल का डॉक्टर जो दूसरों को गोबर #खाने का सलाह देता था और खुद एक दिन गोबर खा लिया अब शरीर मे इंफेक्शन होने से हॉस्पिटल में एडमिट."

[English Translation: Karnal's doctor, who used to advise others to eat cow dung, he ate cow dungs one he is admitted in the hospital due to infection in the body!]

This post is viral on Facebook and Twitter, with similar claims.

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A doctor from Haryana who consumes cow dungs has been hospitalized following a Stomach Infection.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact check team verified the claim and found it false. The man in the viral photo is not Dr Manoj Mittal but Bidhan Thapa, a resident of Nepal.

We conducted a Google reverse image search of the viral photo, which led us to GoFundMe, an American crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for varied events. The website carried the viral photo and titled "Repatriation of a dead body". The photo's description recognizes the man as Bidhan Thapa( Bikki), a resident of Nepal. In 2017, Thapa passed away due to cardiac arrest, and the website arranged a fundraiser to send his body back to his country Nepal.

Image Credit: Gofundme

We also searched on the internet using relevant keywords and found an interview of Dr Manoj Mittal published on the YouTube channel of IBN24 News Network. The interview dated 14 December is titled, "डॉक्टर मनोज मित्तल को हुआ इन्फेक्शन या वो अस्पताल में है भर्ती?" In the video, at the 3:10 time stamp, the interviewee can be heard asking the doctor about the viral post attributing him followed by the doctor debunking the viral claim himself.

Dr Manoj Mittal is a resident of Karnal city in Haryana. He became famous after his video of consuming cow dung and promoting the same became viral on social media. On his website, he claims that he passed out with an MBBS degree from Allahabad Medical College, but The Logical Indian cannot validate this information.

The same image went viral at the beginning of the year 2021, claiming that the man is Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who is either dead or in critical condition and receiving care in Europe. The claim was then debunked by AFP Fact Check and Addis Zeybe.

To sum up, a photo of a hospitalized man is viral with a false claim that Dr Manoj Mittal, who consumes cow dung, is hospitalized with a stomach infection.

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