Fact Check: Old Images Viral As Farmers Vandalising Hindi Signboards During Ongoing Protest In Delhi
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Fact Check: Old Images Viral As Farmers Vandalising Hindi Signboards During Ongoing Protest In Delhi

Images and videos from Punjab of Sikhs protesting against the imposition of Hindi have gone viral with false claim of them belonging to ongoing farmers' protest.

Multiple posts showing Sikhs censoring Hindi from signboards have gone viral on social media. These posts have gone viral with the claim that farmers protesting in Delhi are vandalising the Hindi signboards.

Social media users are sharing a video where a Sikh man can be seen censoring Hindi from the signboard. The video has gone viral with the caption, "टॉवर तोड़ने के बाद अगला काम हिंदी नही चलेगा ये किसान है? टावर तोड़ दिये, अब हिंदी नहीं पढेंगे, ये किसान हैं? (Which translates in English as, "After vandalising (jio) towers their next work is to say, " Hindi will no longer be used," Are they real farmers? They broke towers now they are against reading Hindi, are they farmers?)".

This post is viral on Facebook.

Another post with the same caption as above has gone viral on social media. This post is a collage of photos showing some people vandalising a signboard on National Highway. The people are censoring Hindi texts on the signboard that also has Punjabi and English written on it.

#रिलायंस जियो के टॉवर तोड़ने के बाद

अब अगला काम #हिंदी_नही_चलेगी...

क्या ये #किसान है ?

ये समाधान नहीं #व्यवधान चाहते...

Posted by Ambedkar and Politics on Saturday, 9 January 2021

BJP member Jawahar Yadav posted the images on Twitter which was later deleted.

The post is viral on Facebook and Twitter.


Farmers are vandalising the signboards and censoring the Hindi texts on them.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian investigated and found the images are old and being shared with false context.

Video verification:

We did a reverse image search of the video and found that the same video was published by a Tamil media organisation Sathiyam News on September 14, 2020. The video shows a man protesting against the imposition of Hindi. The anchor in the video can be heard saying, "After Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Protest against Hindi imposition started in Punjab."

We also found that the video was posted on YouTube channel on February 22, 2019, long before the protests on farm bills started.

Hence, the video shows a Sikh man protesting against Hindi imposition in Punjab and is unrelated to ongoing farmers' protest in Delhi.

Verification of Viral Images:

The Logical Indian did a reverse image search with the image below:

On reverse image search, we found that the many images from the viral collage was present on a blog laaltopee. These images were published on the website on October 24, 2017, along with the title, "Under Congress rule, Hindi text getting wiped out from signboards in Punjab." Some of these images were also published by The Times Of India and The Tribune.

The image on the top right of the collage was published by Hindustan Times on October 26, 2017. The image was captioned, "The recent protests by some organisations over relegating Punjabi to number three on signboards, behind Hindi and English, have made the state government act promptly."

Another image of a distorted signboard was published by Sikh Siyasat on October 21, 2017.

None of the images or video is from ongoing farmers' protest. All these images are old and are of the time when Punjabi activists were protesting against the imposition of Hindi in Punjab. Thus the images and videos are being shared with false context.

The claim was earlier fact-checked by Altnews.

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