Fact Check: Old Photos Unrelated To Jamia Protests Shared As New

What followed after the police clampdown on Jamia Millia Islamia University students was spread of fake news on social media. Amid this massive crackdown, several images are getting viral on social media which are not related to protest or aren’t from India.

One of them is posted with the claim that one student of Jamia University was caught pelting stones who also was burning public properties in the attire of a woman. The man can be seen wearing a burka and jeans, with a brassiere tied to his chest.


Another photo that went viral is of police putting his boot on the neck of a protestor.


1. An image is shared with the claim that police is thrashing a man during Jamia protest. Also, it is being said that the police is an IPS officer.

“Is this an IPS Officer? Is this what he has been taught at SVPNA? Shame on Delhi Police. #JamiaProtest (sic),” the image caption reads.

2. The second image is claimed to be of a Jamia student who was caught while pelting stones in the disguise of a woman.

Fact check

1.) For the first image, after performing a reverse search on Google, we came across news clips. According to the reports, the photo is of an incident which took place during a protest of the youth wing of the Samajwadi Party at Hazratganj area in Lucknow in 2011. The police officer in the photo is identified as DIG DK Thakur.

This new clipping of the website called Catch News provides us with detail information about the entire incident.

According to them in the protest that was organised by the Samajwadi Party, DK Thakur, the then Lucknow DIG pushed Anand Bhadauria, the national president of Lohia Vahini. DK Thakur after pushing him to the ground even tried to crush his face with his shoe.

This image even went viral three years ago on 26th August 2016 and the report linked the image with atrocities in Kashmir valley. The particular image was used by one new portal known as UP Urdu point.

2.) For the second image, with the help of reverse image search, we got to know that the disputed picture has been there on the internet since 2017.

After an intense Internet search, we found that the image is being used by several Arabic websites with the claim that the photo is of an incident which took place in 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. According to several reports, the man was caught in front of North 90 Street, gate number 8, Cairo Festival City, by residents suspicious of his movement. It was later revealed that he was trying to steal children in the guise of a woman.


The above photos aren’t related to Jamia protest

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