Did China Launch Artificial Sun Into The Sky? No, Viral Claim Is False

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Did China Launch "Artificial Sun" Into The Sky? No, Viral Claim Is False

A video of a rocket launch is being shared claiming China recently launched an artificial sun into the sky.

A video of a glowing orb rising in the sky above the sea is going viral on social media with a claim that the video is of China launching its artificial sun. In a 30 second viral clip, a sun-like ball is seen coming out from the ground and then is seen in the sky. People gathered on the beach can be seen shouting in an unrecognizable language while recording the glowing orb when it's coming out from one end.

Context: China's Artificial Sun

China recently launched "artificial sun", which lasted up to 17 minutes in its latest experiment. During this, its temperature went up to 70 million degrees, and that is, it became five times hotter than the natural sun. In a study on China's artificial sun, 60 Foro Nuclear notes that the artificial sun mimics the sun's energy-generating process. The artificial sun is a Nuclear fission reactor that can generate large amounts of clean power with very little waste. In the reactor, hydrogen atoms undergo the fission process, and part of their mass becomes energy. This energy can then reach more than 150 million degrees Celsius, which is ten times hotter than the nucleus of the sun.

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Indian Journalist also tweeted the same video with a Hindi caption that reads," #Video देखिये ऐसे निकला था चीन का 'नकली सूरज' #China #ArtificialSun".

Rap TV that majorly covers pop culture and music, also shared the video with a caption, "China debuted a new artificial sun".

Newsie, an online news platform with over 36k followers, shared this video on their Facebook page with the same claim.

The video is viral on Facebook & Twitter too.

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Viral video shows China launching 'artificial sun'.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The viral video is of Rocket Launch at the Wenchang Spacecraft launch site in China.

During our investigation, we found that in the comment section, social media users pointed out that people are talking about a rocket launch in the video. A Twitter user commented, "That's a rocket according to what the man said in the video. Nothing about the new sun."

Another user shared the link of the news of China launching a Long March-7A rocket. He wrote, "It was probably this recent launch (Rocket) -- when captured on phone video from a safe distance".

We then searched for the news report related to the 7A rocket launch. According to the report of Space News dated December 23 2021: "China successfully launched a new-generation Long March 7A rocket, delivering a pair of Shiyan-12 test satellites into a geosynchronous transfer orbit. At 5:12 a.m. Eastern, the Long March 7A blasted off from the seaside Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, soaring into a broken hazy sky shortly after local sunset".
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Andrew Jones, a journalist tracking China's space programme, also shared the Rocket launch video on December 23.

We also found another video of the 7A rocket launch on YouTube, shot from another angle. The title of the video reads, "Two secret satellites launched by improved CZ-7A, Chinese medium new generation rocket."

According to the description mentioned in the video, the pair of satellites were named Experimental-12 01 and 02.

It is to be noted that China did launch the artificial sun project to produce clean energy, but it was done inside a controlled environment. If the launch had been open, it would have been a disaster as its temperature went up to 70 million degrees during the experiment.

Though The Logical Indian was unable to find the origin of the viral video, it is clear from our investigation that the claims shared with the viral video are false. The viral video is of a rocket launch and It does not show the recent launch of an 'artificial sun' by China.

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