Did BJP/SP Bribe People In Exchange For Votes? Old Video And Image Shared As Recent

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Did BJP/SP Bribe People In Exchange For Votes? Old Video And Image Shared As Recent

A video and an image are going viral with a claim that BJP/SP are sending an envelope full of cash to bride people ahead of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, 2022.

In campaign for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, social media users are sharing videos and images supporting one of the two major parties i.e., SP and BJP in order to outdo each other and thus misinformation is also getting circulated.

One video recently went viral claiming that the Bharatiya Janata Party is giving out an envelope of cash to people to gain the vote for the elections. In the 25 seconds viral video, a man can be seen opening an envelope wherein a picture of a man's face and Bhartiya Janata Party's (BJP) lotus symbol can be seen on the cover of the envelope. The man is then seen taking out a bundle of ₹500 from the white envelope. The video is being shared with a caption that reads," ध्यान से देखिए यूपी मे पैसा बटना शुरू हो गया है☑️"

English Translation- "Look carefully, money distribution has started in UP"

Similar to this video, an image is going viral with an opposite claim that the Samajwadi Party is sending out an envelope of cash to people to gain votes for the upcoming elections. In the viral image, an envelope with Samajwadi Party (SP) symbol is circulating on social media. The envelope in the image is with a ₹500 note placed in it.

Shashi Kumar, the Social Media Co-Convenor of Bharatiya Janata Party, Uttar Pradesh shared the image on its official Twitter handle with a caption that reads, "समाजवादी वोट खरीदो योजना"

English Translation- "Samajwadi Vote Buy Scheme"

Following this, many social media users started sharing the image with a caption that reads, "यह लिफाफा पकड़ कर अपने बच्चों के भविष्य को न बेच आना....जमीर मार कर हिन्दूओं का सौदा न कर बैठना....."

English Translation- "Don't sell your children's future by holding this envelope. Don't make a deal of Hindus by killing your conscience....."

A few viral images have the Bharatiya Janata Party's symbol instead of the Samajwadi Party's (SP) symbol.

The image is viral on Facebook & Twitter-

Image credits- Facebook


A video & an image shared with a claim that money is being distributed ahead of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, 2022 by BJP and SP respectively.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it false. The viral video is from October 2021 & the viral image is from 2017.


During our initial investigation, we ran the video on Invid keyframes and from one of the keyframes, we found a Facebook video by a page called Afzal Hussain with over more than 47 thousand people following the page. The video was uploaded on the page on October 28, 2021, with a graphic text that reads, "Cash for vote. BJP distributed 10,000 cash to the voters of Huzurabad, Telangana. Huzurabad byelection to take place on October 30, 2021".

With the help of the graphic text, we found a report by The Times of India dated October 29, 2021. According to the report, dharnas were held in several villages in the Huzurabad assembly constituency where villagers have demanded cash from political parties for their votes. The dharnas have taken place at village centres, as well as at sarpanch homes. The dharnas started after a few villages got to know that the rest of the villagers are getting cash in exchange for votes.

Image credits- Times of India


We ran the image on google reverse image search and found a tweet from 2017 where a similar image was posted with the Samajwadi Party's (SP) symbol on the cover of the envelope. The tweet was shared with a caption that reads," ये समाजवादी लिफाफा कहाँ तक पहुंचा है, क्या आपको भी मिला है अखिलेश भैया का आशीर्वाद..??"

English Translation- "Where has this Samajwadi envelope reached, have you also got the blessings of Akhilesh Bhaiya..??"

When noticed, the tweet had pictures of two Samajwadi Party leaders from Gorakhpur- former MLA Vijay Bahadur Yadav and Former Minister Ram Bhual Nishad. The Logical Indian then contacted Former Minister Ram Bhual Nishad about the image on the envelope. He said,"People nowadays photoshop pictures and misuse it. The image on the envelope is at-least 15 years old, so why will I use it now to bribe people for votes?".


Therefore from the above investigation, both the video and the image are not related to the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections. The video and the image have been viral on social media to defame the other party ahead of the election polls. The above tweet was from 2017 and does not have a connection with the upcoming polls.

If you have any news that you believe needs to be fact-checked, please email us at factcheck@thelogicalindian.com or WhatsApp at 6364000343.

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