Viral Video Shows Student Reciting Azaan In Jharkhands Government School? No, Viral Claim Is Misleading

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Viral Video Shows Student Reciting Azaan In Jharkhand's Government School? No, Viral Claim Is Misleading

The viral video is not from Jharkhand but from Jorhat Assam where a student recited azaan during a morning assembly. The azaan recitation was not a pre-scheduled program.

A video of a child in school uniform reciting the Azaan is doing rounds on social media. In the viral video, a student can be seen reciting the azaan from a stage while other students and teachers standing in the queue can be seen. People on social media claimed that the viral video is from a village in Jharkhand, where the majority population is Muslim due to which students including Hindu children are mandated to recite Muslim prayer every morning.

This comes amid the Jamtara school controversy where many primary schools were giving holidays on Friday instead of Sunday citing the Muslim population. The officials of the Jamtara Education Department told Education Minister Jagarnath Mahato that the schools were pressurized by the local people to change the holiday. According to the report of The News Indian Express, some Islamic radicals in Garhwa district tried to impose Sharia and Islamic practices on minor school children. The group stopped the children from folding hands during prayer as 75% of the students belong to the Muslim community.

While sharing this video, a Twitter user tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and others and shared this video with a caption, "In a village in Jharkhand where 75 percent are Muslims, it is mandatory that Hindu children also pray Islamic prayers. What is happening?.@narendramodi @AmitShah @RSSorg."

Another user wrote, "आने वाले समय मे पूरे भारत का चित्रण हैं ऐ बधाइ हो सेक्यूलर गैंग और विकास को @narendramodi जी का विकास बहुत तरक्की पर हैं."

[English Translation: There is a depiction of the whole of India in the coming times. Congratulations to Secular Gang and Vikas@narendramodi ji's development is progressing a lot.]

A Facebook user wrote, "कांग्रेस के झारखंड में 75% मुस्लिम आबादी के गांव के स्कूल में दबाव बनाकर जबरन हिंदू छात्र भी अल्लाह की इबादत को मजबूर.. तालिबानी इस्लामिक राज्य का प्रारंभ यही है."

[English Translation: By pressurizing the village school of 75% Muslim population in Congress's Jharkhand, even Hindu students forced the worship of Allah. This is the beginning of the Talibani Islamic State.]

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.


Viral video shows Children reciting Azaan in Jharkhand's primary school.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact check team verified the viral claim and found it to be misleading. The viral video is from Assam.

During the initial investigation, we used InVid's Keyframe analysis tool to isolate the keyframes of the video. We conducted a reverse image search on one of the isolated keyframes which led us to a tweet dated 04 June 2022 in which same footage can be seen. According to the caption, the viral video is from Jorhat, Assam while the name of the school in the tweet is mentioned as Gyan Bikash LP School of Mariano.

Taking hint from it, we did an open keyword search and found a report of News18 dated 06 June 2022. According to the report, the incident is of Hemalai Gyan Bikash Primary School present in Mariani, Jorhat in eastern Assam. During the Gunotsav organized by the Government of Assam in the school, a class five student started reciting azaan in a prayer meeting. Gunotsav is a type of education related campaign which is run by the Government of Assam for the improvement and evaluation of education sectors.

Image Credit: News18

According to the report of The Times Of India, after the matter came to light, the District Education Officer of Jorhat issued a show cause notice against the principal of the school. The report quoted a school teacher saying that he was not aware that the student will recite azaan during the morning assembly. He said, "The student suddenly came before the assembly and started singing Azaan. The teachers were not aware that he will recite azaan".

Image Credit: The Times Of India

According to the report, District Magistrate Ashok Kumar Burman visited the school for investigation. He said, "The teachers told us that azaan recitation was not a pre-scheduled program. Programs like quiches, songs and prayers are organized during the Ganotsav". Times8, a local media outlet also reported the same.

It is evident from our investigation that the viral video is not from Jharkhand but from Jorhat Assam where a student recited azaan during a morning assembly. The azaan recitation was not a pre-scheduled program. Hence, the viral claim is misleading.

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