RRB7 Candidates Brave Financial Difficulties As Case Remains Unheard, IBPS Announces New Recruitment

RRB7 Candidates Brave Financial Difficulties As Case Remains Unheard, IBPS Announces New Recruitment

On June 14, The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) released a recruitment notification for IBPS RRB 2019. Interested and eligible candidates are required to register for the Common Recruitment Process.

IBPS Releases New Recruitment Notification

While the IBPS recently announced new recruitments under RRB8 in 2019, over 9,000 candidates who passed the IBPS RRB7 are still waiting for their job offers. Their results were announced on January 01, 2019.

The recruitment process for as many as 9000 students has been on hold, and their pleas have remained unheard. The case is pending in the Supreme Court for over 6 months, adding to the plight of the candidates.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Ranjan Kumar, an RRB7 candidate said: “It is not about RRB6 or 7. It is about justice. How can they put out a new notification for recruitment? What is the significance of Status quo now? This is nothing but an endless trap with no escape”.

The selected candidates of RRB7 have been struggling to fulfil their basic needs and support their families. They are requesting an urgent hearing in the matter.

The candidates have been trying to reach out to the PMO and using the hashtag #resumeRRB7 on Twitter.

RRB7 IBPS New Recruiment

“On every date, we remain unheard and do not seem to get enough help and support from bodies like IBPS, NABARD and Government of India, which is why candidates like us had to arrange advocates from our side and we are paying them lakhs as the fees. We’re losing out in financially as well as our seniority in banks,” Kumar said.

“We’re a group of almost 9,000 candidates who are trying to seek justice,” Kumar explains, “many of us are the only breadwinners in their families. Paying all our EMIs and loans is getting difficult for us and is bringing down our morale.”

Candidates Facing Financial Crunch

As the matter remains sub judice, the candidates have been left in the lurch. Some of them resigned from their previous jobs, while some are the sole breadwinners in their family.

The Logical Indian spoke to Ashish, one of the RRB 7 candidates. “I am the only earning member of my family. I live with my parents and sister. We initially had an FD to incur all the costs for my sister’s wedding. But now, due to no income, our daily expenses are met with the funds in FD. How long will this continue?” he said.

“I used to work with the Bank of Baroda and left that job for recruitment at IBPS. I had to pay a penalty of 1,20,000 for not completing the notice period. I have been unemployed for five months now, and have no source of income. How will I support my family?” Sumant, another RRB7 candidate told The Logical Indian.

Niraj, another RRB7 candidate, said that he resigned from his previous job on Jan 6, and since then, he has been facing a major financial crunch. He recently had a baby, and his family is unable to meet their basic needs.

Who Is To Be Blamed?

The Logical Indian reached out to IBPS. They refused to comment on the issue, as the matter is sub-judice.

The Supreme Court will hear the matter on July 1.

“I am extremely disappointed with the Indian Judiciary. Our financial conditions and the trauma we have been put through does not seem to affect anyone in the system”, Abhishek, another RRB7 candidate shares.

Alok Yadav, another RRB7 candidate told The Logical Indian: “The allotted banks and IBPS have been playing this blame-game since very long, and all the candidates are suffering.”

The Logical Indian community stands in support of the IBPS aspirants who deserve to be employed. We hope to see some positive results for their efforts, and we urge the higher authorities to make sure that justice is served to the candidates.

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