Leaving Lucrative Job Offers Behind, This 26-Yr-Old Is Rejuvenating Noidas Water Bodies

Leaving Lucrative Job Offers Behind, This 26-Yr-Old Is Rejuvenating Noida's Water Bodies

Over two years ago, when Amit Kumar had received lucrative job offers from campus placements, he refused to take it up. Today, 26-year-old Amit and his team of nine have become groundwater rejuvenation experts in Greater Noida.

Using civil engineering skills

Since 2017, the team has rejuvenated over 10 ponds in and around Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. The team has also successfully replenished depleted groundwater levels which were previously alarmingly low. Talking to The Logical Indian. Amit Kumar said, “I did not want to work at a corporate office and have always wanted to use my skills to rejuvenate the dying water bodies in India.”

The civil engineer, along with a friend, ran a pilot project at a pond in Aimnabad in Geater Noida. After days of research and development, the duo was successful in restoring the pond to its old glory. Amit’s project took off from there and what was then a team of two has expanded to a team of 10 who work under the banner ‘Sap Executioners’. Not only do they rejuvenate ponds, but also undertake groundwater restoration projects, beautification, research and rainwater harvesting.

Amit said, “The process of rejuvenating a pond takes around 70 days from when we first identify it. This is irrespective of the size of the pond or the extent of damage.” Using civil engineering skills, Amit and his team develop artificial recharge systems to rejuvenate groundwater. He said that there are no proper techniques replenish groundwater naturally — a resource which is exploited by people at large.

Replenishing groundwater

Most of the ponds, Amit said, has been turned into garbage dump yards, with villagers and residents piling all different kinds of waste, he said. Amit undertook a study of the groundwater levels in the Greater Noida area which showed that groundwater is depleting at the rate of 1 mm annually.

To tackle the problem, Amit used machines to replenish groundwater. The organisation also conducts regular checks and monitoring to keep a track on the groundwater levels. Talking about the process, Amit said, “At first we identify a pond that needs help. After that, we first de-weed, then de-water and finally desilt the water. We also construct structures to hold excess water and replenish groundwater levels as well.”

Once the process is finished, people from the team visit the pond to conduct post checkups. “Following that, we visit the ponds every 45 days to check the level of groundwater and overall condition of the pond,” Amit added. Such period checks, using a piezometer (instrument to check level of groundwater) has revealed that there have been significant positive outcomes as a result of the team’s efforts.

The group also conducts awareness sessions and programmes for the village residents to prevent them from further littering the ponds. He said, “Right before we take up the rejuvenation project in villages, we conduct sessions with members of the village and village pradhans. We try and explain the merits of groundwater and the need for conserving this natural resource.” The villagers too, have shown great enthusiasm to the team’s efforts. “Sometimes, we try and engage the villagers in the work that we day. Perhaps, a sense of ownership may keep people from littering the area,” he added. Amit wants to expand his work to other parts of the country and has already started projects in Haryana and elsewhere.

Water is an extremely important natural resource, mostly because the amount of water is finite. The Logical Indian applauds Amit Kumar for the work that he is doing towards rejuvenating water bodies in Greater Noida.

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