Tree Hugger Much? Heres How To #PlantGoodness And Celebrate The First Of Many Good Deeds Of 2021!

Tree Hugger Much? Here's How To #PlantGoodness And Celebrate The First Of Many Good Deeds Of 2021!

#PlantGoodness initiative begins the process of planting a tree on behalf of millennials

Trees are the earth's most bountiful gifts like Kahlil Gibran would say, "Trees are the poetry that earth writes upon the sky". Today, there is hardly any person who doesn't realise the importance of planting trees. Preserving this magical gift of nature is one of the most selfless contributions to planet earth. The declining health of the environment continues to remain a less glamorous pandemic. Mass grazing of the forest has unfortunately resulted in the shrinking of the green belt! This calls for the urgent attention of individuals who can come together and pool impact simply by making conscious choices every day!

It is dynamic to observe that the millennials today are more aware of the impending environmental issues at hand. They are willing to adopt a lifestyle that is sustainable in nature but often faces challenges with respect to time and direction. To enable them on their journey towards choosing goodness for the planet, Mamaearth, with its philosophy of ecological balance has taken yet another initiative to #PlantGoodness. It strives to give back to the environment and takes pride in working along the principles of purpose-driven initiatives by promising to create safe and toxin-free products. Making 2021, truly a happy new year here's to formidably giving back to the planet by taking a pledge to make small sustainable choices.

How would having a tree in our names feel like? Let's start with "pretty wholesome"! Well…every time one chooses Mamaearth, the brand with its #PlantGoodness initiative begins the process of planting a tree on their behalf. These planted trees are then respectively linked to every order placed on the website. Within a few days from order placement, along with the delivery of the product, Mamaearth also shares the details like image, species and GPS location of those saplings over email. In this way, one can track how their small choices are making a big impact. This initiative would have planted as many as 1 lakh trees by March 2021. The saplings are nurtured for close to three years till it becomes strong enough to self-sustain. #PlantGoodness is powered by an IT-enabled NGO, SankalpTaru Foundation who believes in "planting trees for the people, by the people". Amazing na?

Environmental awakening is all about acknowledging that this planet needs us, now more than ever! When we #PlantGoodness, we create a ripple effect of impact on biodiversity, animal life and the livelihoods of people. The importance of individual contribution cannot be emphasised enough for its role to maximise the socio-environmental impact. The detrimental effects of climate change and pollution can be overwhelming but sincere intentions clubbed with little deeds of goodness by individuals in their day to day choices can go a long way. It's true that the world cannot change in one day but it can be the day one of taking action. That one day can be TODAY!

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