Climate Crisis! Maldives Builds A Floating City To Tackle Rising Sea Levels, Heres All You Need To Know

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Climate Crisis! Maldives Builds A Floating City To Tackle Rising Sea Levels, Here's All You Need To Know

Maldives floating city will be a development project aiming to create eco-friendly water resilient projects, signalling a new era in mitigating the threat of global warming and rising sea levels.

Maldives floating city project will contain thousands of houses, residential facilities like shops, and restaurants, a legitimate framework for deeds for the owners and full governmental support. It will spread across 500 hectares, close to the capital city and the international airport.

The city will consist of a system of nature-based roads and water canals where brain corals will be organised and used. The project aims to reduce the threat of rising sea levels due to global warming.

Unique Features

The city will contain canals which will be used for infrastructure instead of land-based road movements or walking and cycling on the sand. No vehicles such as cars will be allowed, only electronic scooters.

The floating city project is the world's first idea to enhance the marine ecosystem alongside urban development. The city is set to be above and underneath the water surface with 'blue habitats' safeguarding the corals. An artificial coral bank will also be made to protect the houses by becoming a natural wave breaker to avoid the chances of floods.

The Waterstudio and developer Dutch Docklands first ideated this project. They wanted to dabble in the future of island nations amid global warming insecurities and create a place for 'climate refugees' through green technology and innovations.

Minimising Threat Of Global Warming

With 99 per cent of Maldives nation being part of the sea region, with around 2,000 islands in the Indian Ocean, it is highly exposed to rising sea levels due to the increase in global temperatures and melting polar glaciers.

The Maldives is expected to submerge fully by the end of the century as it is the flattest country on Earth, according to the Climate Hot Map by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The level of global warming emissions has worsened the situation, with the Maldives predicted to experience a rise of half a metre in the sea level, losing 77 per cent of its land. The government has taken several initiatives besides the floating city, such as rehabilitation programmes and relocation of the people.

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