Teachers Day Special Schemes! UGC Announces Grants & Fellowship With Focus On Retired Teachers & More

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Teachers' Day Special Schemes! UGC Announces Grants & Fellowship With Focus On Retired Teachers & More

On Teachers' Day, University Grants Commission has launched five new research grants and fellowship schemes. With more than 900 available slots, the new set of grants would benefit a large group of people across the country.

Commemorating Teachers' Day, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a total of three grants and two fellowship schemes. Earlier information on the same was announced through Twitter, and the five schemes to be launched were enlisted as the Savitribai Jyotirao Phule Fellowship for Single Girl Child, Dr Radhakrishnan UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Fellowship for Superannuated Faculty Members, Research Grant for In-Service Faculty Members, and Dr D.S. Kothari Research Grant for Newly Recruited Faculty Members.

The launch was unfurled online through a live stream on the official Twitter and Youtube channels of UGC at 3 pm on September 5, and a panel discussion was held on the topic "Motivated and Energised teachers in Higher Education". Panellists included eminent people in the education sector, such as the Vice Chancellors of Delhi University, Maharaj University, BR Ambedkar University, MS University of Baroda, and the Central University of Gujarat.

Hundreds Of Slots Available To Be Filled!

The UGC Chairman Jagadesh Kumar announced on September 4 that the commission would announce several research schemes on the occasion of Teachers' Day that would benefit a whole lot of Higher Educational Institutions across the country. There was a special focus on single girl children and retired faculty members in the grants announced this time.

As reported by the Hindustan Times, the "Fellowship for Superannuated Faculty Members" provides research opportunities to teachers who have retired from the service. There are a hundred slots available under this fellowship, and those who get selected would be eligible for the ₹50,000 monthly fellowships. Additionally, a sum of ₹50,000 will be given as contingency annually.

"Research Grant for In-Service Faculty Members" enables research opportunities to regularly appointed faculty members and supports them with a fund of ₹10 lakh allocated over a period of two years. The program accommodates 200 candidates.

"Dr DS Kothari Research Grant" has been announced for the newly recruited faculty, with a support funding of ₹10 lakh provided to 132 selected candidates over a period of two years.

The next one in line was the "Dr Radhakrishnan UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship", which presents an opportunity to conduct advanced studies and research in the field of Engineering, Sciences, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences. This also includes languages that are commonly offered in Indian institutions.

It has about 900 seats, out of which 30 per cent is reserved for women candidates. Under this fellowship, the selected candidates will also be eligible for monthly support of ₹50,000 and a ₹50,000 annual contingency.

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