10 Diwali Campaigns Of 2021 That Glowed The Brightest

10 Diwali Campaigns Of 2021 That Glowed The Brightest

It was very heartwarming to see how the brands aligned their campaigns with the post-pandemic world to connect with their audience.

As India reels past the pandemic, this Diwali became a symbol of optimism, empathy and compassion for all! Taking this as an opportunity to drive meaningful conversation, brands came forward with "causevertising", some of which touched millions of hearts on the internet, for good! From HP, who kept small business as the core of their campaign, to Amazon, who reminded us of that #SpecialFamily, from vivo who spread the joys of homecoming to Mastercard that was simply confetti of nostalgia, we sure had an eventful week to ourselves. To mark this year's roundup of Diwali campaigns, here's a list of Diwali ad films and initiatives that all of us at The Logical Indian's Brand Solutions Team absolutely loved. Take a look?

HP: Diye Se Diya Jalao

This Diwali, HP's #DiyeSeDiyaJalao film tried to remind us what the festival has always stood for - People coming together to celebrate joy and happiness and how this is incomplete with even one person left behind. HP India's film, conceptualised by Studio Simple and directed by Milind Dhaimade, encourages everyone to share the magic of the festive season and help make someone else's Diwali as special as theirs.

Amazon: Deliver The Love | Special Family

Amazon India's 2021 Diwali film, conceptualised by their in-house team, was heart-warming to say the least. Celebrating the unsung heroes of the pandemic, the film encourages all to hand #DeliverTheLove to the strangers that became the #SpecialFamily in our lives. When things around us are uncertain, it is important to appreciate these relationships and share the love with the special people in our lives. The film sent the perfect message for this year!

Vivo: Joy Of Homecoming

Photographs are a way to cherish the memories of time spent together with the people we call family. Sometimes, distance takes away the light of happiness which comes with the togetherness of loved ones. The #JoyOfHomecoming, a heart-warming short film by vivo, conceptualised by Dentsu Impact and directed by Viveck Daschaudhary, celebrates the joy of connections by bringing families together through the power of memories captured in the form of photographs. The film struck a chord with millions of people and also made it on our list of favs.

Mastercard: Yeh Meri Diwali

Diwali is all about lights, sweets and celebrations, but each individual and family add their unique touch to the festivities, making them priceless and truly their own. This Diwali Mastercard's film, conceptualised by McCann WorldGroup, captures the little moments of joy mixed with a tinge of nostalgia and uniqueness through its #YehMeriDiwali film while making us want to cherish these priceless moments a little bit more.

Legrand: Adding safety to your festivities | Legrand Vaccination Camp

Diwali would have been nothing without the bright, beautiful lights that illuminate our homes. Without the twinklers we used to adorn our homes, the celebrations of the festival of lights would have been incomplete. The connections that help light up our homes are an important part of the festivities, which is why, this Diwali, Group Legrand India was #CelebratingConnections by pledging to vaccinate partners like electricians, retailers, channel partners and the community at large. Legrand will vaccinate 25,000 people free of cost in the next six months across six cities in India. To create an increased awareness amongst the citizens residing in these six cities, Legrand has also partnered with Radio Mirchi and Zee Hindustan.

Axis Bank: Pause The Bargain

Conceptualised by AutumnGREY, Axis Bank's Diwali film shows how many things have changed since independence but, the love for bargaining among Indian's remains the same. As the country reels back from the pandemic and jumps into the festive bandwagon, Axis Bank urges all to #PauseTheBargain with small business owners and brighten up their Diwali.

Realme: Hope For Great Things

With the onset of the pandemic, many suffered a loss which made the occasion of Diwali feel small. Conceptualised by Bambai Dreams, Realme India's Diwali film, underlying the same sense of loss and grief resonated with millions of people across the country. It shows a young boy grieving the loss of his grandfather who is unable to bring himself to be happy as he remembers the sweet memories of the past with his grandfather. The film encourages people to go that extra mile to brighten up someone else's Diwali.

Cadbury: Not Just A Cadbury Ad

Covid-19 impacted all but especially the small businesses across the street from us. This Diwali, Cadbury collaborated with Ogilvy India and Rephrase.ai to merge technology with creativity to enable the small business owners to promote their businesses by making India's biggest superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, their brand ambassador. The project was led by Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India. The viewers watching the film will be served through an ad server based on their Pincode to feature businesses from their neighbourhoods.

HDFC Bank: Karo Har Dil Roshan

Diwali is all about spreading happiness, and that's exactly what this 1-minute film by HDFC Bank encourages all to do. Conceptualised by Kinnect and directed by Dimple Durga, Creative director, JVD films, the film encourages all to share the happiness that comes our way. It urges everyone to take a step towards fulfilling the dreams of those who help us every day.

Greenply Plywood: The Table | Yahan Rishte Baste Hai

'The Table', a short film by Greenply Plywood, shows the priceless memories captured around a piece of furniture. Conceptualised by Pippip Media and directed by Pranav Harihar Sharma, the film shows the emotional connection of the mother with the table and how the table again becomes the fulcrum of a family reunion on the festive occasion.

This year brands have transcended the usual campaigns to help encourage and inspire the audience to brighten the festivities for those impacted by the pandemic one way or another. The Logical Indian was delighted to partner with HP India, Amazon, vivo, Legrand, and Mastercard for their Diwali campaign. It was very heartwarming to see how the brands aligned their vision with the post-pandemic world to talk about what truly matters to the India of today. We appreciate the efforts put in by these brands to create some of the most unique films to spread the message of hope and help bring joy to all during the festive season.

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