Now Take A Long Shower Without Feeling Guilty Of Wasting Water

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January 10th, 2019 / 10:00 AM

Genie Hand Shower

Our environment is slowly losing out on its natural resources. Day by day we are reading news about the reduction of green cover and the increase of plastic in our natural surrounding. Because of this deterioration of our natural resources, we have also become more environmentally conscious.

We have tried to adopt small changes in our day to day lives, putting in our effort to lessen the damage, that has been already caused. Even though we try to inculcate small changes in our lives, we fall back at places when the effort that needs to be put results in a major lifestyle change due to a busy schedule or maybe due to a huge monetary expense.

We can make small changes in our lives that can make a huge impact in the future. We can opt for more and more organic products. People can start gifting plant saplings for birthdays and anniversaries. We should put a conscious effort to make sure that the use of one-time plastic, like plastic bottles, cutleries and straws, are reduced.

Water being one of the most important of our non-renewable resource, we can try to reduce water wastage by keeping a filled 2L water bottle in the cistern of our toilet to reduce excessive and unnecessary water wastage everytime we flush. We can also turn off the tap every time we brush our teeth. These little initiatives, no matter how minute it might seem, contributes a lot towards better resource management.

Shower is again a very important space where we can save water. A refreshing shower at the beginning of the day gives us the energy to go through our daily task. Yet, 85% of households in India do not have adequate water pressure, which results in more water wastage and less satisfaction after a bath. American Standard has come up with a unique product called the Genie shower.

The Genie shower not only can tackle the problem of less water pressure, it can also save water in the process. It saves up to 40% less water, which is around 20,000 litres of water for a family in a year and at the same time make you feel fresh as it can control the water pressure. It works even at low pressure of 0.2 to 1.0 bar and ensures that you have #NoMoreHalfBath every morning. The best part is it’s a DIY (Do it yourself) feature. You don’t have to call a plumber to fit the shower.

Now, you can have fresh mornings, without feeling guilty of wasting water.

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