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'Bangalore Not For Bachelors': Housing Society's Bizarre Rules Leaves Internet Raging

While housing society regulations are put in place to ensure the comfort of tenants, some residential areas have become infamous for their unreasonable set of rules. The most recent addition to this was highlighted by a Reddit user through a post titled "Bangalore not for bachelors."

Bangalore bachelor's tryst with housing societies have now become a familiar and infamously known story due to the many viral social media posts. Many house seekers have taken to online platforms to voice their woes regarding the strict demands and rules placed by house owners in the city. The most recent addition to this was a post by a Reddit user titled "Bangalore not for bachelors."  

While rules and regulations are often put in place to ensure the comfort of tenants, some residential areas have been infamous for their unreasonable set of rules. Most times, bachelors and spinsters are the ones who have to go past these tiring ordeals to rent a decent house in a good residential complex.

'RulesTo Be Followed'

Shedding more light on this, a Reddit user posted the set of rules imposed by a Bengaluru housing society around the Kundanhalli Gate area. The post instantly went viral due to its level of bizarreness and garnered responses from people who had to go through similar experiences. 

In the guidelines issued, the society disallowed bachelors and spinsters to have guests post 10 pm in their flats. The tenants have been asked to get prior approval from the owner via email in a situation where the guest might need to stay overnight. It further read that the approval is to be requested by "submitting the guests' ID proof and furnishing the stay duration and Guest entry." These rules are to be followed "strictly," and the owner conveyed that no relaxation of the rules will be provided to any bachelor tenant. 

If the tenant was found to have violated any of the rules, they immediately become liable to pay a penalty of ₹1000 or will get evicted. Apart from these bizarre set of rules, there was another set of rules which included "no loud music post 10 pm", "no late night parties allowed," and "not to use the corridors and balconies for phone calls post 10 pm."

Response To Post

Since being posted, the notice has been drawing huge backlash from netizens, with some believing that the rules are "worse than hostels." A user wrote that as a tenant paying money to rent out a flat, it's up to them to decide what they do around the flat during the rental period. Calling certain society rules "ridiculous," the user continued saying, "Who'll come to your flat and what you'll do in the balcony is purely dependent on you."

Another user pointed out similar experiences in their residential area in Marathahalli. The user noted that it had become a normal thing around the area for house owners to monitor flats of bachelor's and spinsters, and guards often came by ringing their bells to check if guests had left the premises. Expressing their displeasure over such monitoring systems, many other users also flooded the comment box with their experiences. 

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