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11-Yr-Old Girl Creates AI-Based App To Detect Eye Diseases; Netizens Amazed

An 11-year-old girl who hails from Kerala shared about her AI-based app called ‘Ogler EyeScan’ on LinkedIn, which can detect eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process.

An 11-year-old coder who hails from the Indian state of Kerala, shared about her AI-based app called ‘Ogler EyeScan’ on LinkedIn that can detect eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process using an iPhone.

Previously, a 9-year-old girl Hana Rafeeq created waves for turning into the youngest iOS app developer and was also praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook, is hard to forget. But an Easter egg unexpected to the story is that Hana has an equally talented sister named Leena, who is a self-taught coder.

Leena Rafeeq has developed a website alled ‘Lehnas’ which can assist children to learn about words, colours and animals. Recently, she created an AI based app called ‘Ogler EyeScan’ to detect eye conditions and diseases with ease through an advanced scanning process only through an iPhone. The young prodigy shared her achievement on LinkedIn which showered her with praises and supportive feedback on the platform, as per a report News 18.

Passion For Coding 

Leena explained the process behind her creation as an effective model of AI’s conjunction with health functions, on the platform. The now 11-year-old started working starting working on the model at the age of 10. She initially delved into learning about different eye conditions, algorithms, computer machine, machine learning models and advanced levels of Apple iOS to create a product capable to detect potential diseases and conditions such as Melanoma and Cataract.

She further revealed, “the App was developed natively with SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages, and it took six months of research and development to bring this innovative app to life”, as mentioned in her Linkedin post.

Both the Dubai-based Indian sisters with exceptionally bright minds have currently the whole world’s eyes stuck on them due to their intelligence and passion for coding. Interestingly, both Hana and Leena are homeschooled by their parents and are multilingual with proficiency in several programming languages as well. 

This instance of young minds creating and sharing through the power of new-age knowledge reservoir, Internet, shows that a great scope of innovation and unique solutions can be highlighted to right people and right places through the digital social platforms.

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