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5-Yr-Old Football Prodigy, Known As 'Little Messi' Signs For Arsenal Football Club

Dubbed "little Messi" due to his dribbling and jaw-dropping abilities on the ball, Zayn Ali Salman is Arsenal new record-breaking academy addition.

Premier League giants Arsenal may have been having a rough few years on the pitch but the London side still has one of the best football academies in Europe. While academy grates like Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe are two of the most recent superstars who are living the dream, playing for the first team, Arsenal has now added Zayn Ali Salman to their books.

Five-year-old Salman is already an Instagram sensation and has also been dubbed "little Messi" due to his dribbling and jaw-dropping abilities on the ball for his age group.

Salman has now added his name to the history books as he became the youngest ever recruit at Arsenal after signing up for the side's pre-Academy.

Numerous clips of Salman, who says his favourite team is Arsenal according to a DailyMail article, producing scintillating skills on the pitch have racked up millions of views on Instagram, with the kid's magical skill and balance earning him comparisons to Lionel Messi.

Salman Is Too Good For His Age

Austin Schofield, the old coach of the youngster, told BBC News that Salman was faster and could score and pass much better than the kids of his age group.

"We put him with kids of his age, but he was better than all of them. He was quicker and he could score and pass much better than the others. I spoke with his Dad to suggest playing up, and he said 'why not?'", he said.

He was recently pictured with Arsenal's Academy Manager and former player Per Mertesacker.

In the above-mentioned report, Arsenal scout Stephen Deans also expressed his thoughts on Salman and said, "he was doing things you shouldn't be doing at that age. When I saw him, I called a friend who confirmed he was four. I couldn't believe that he is still in the nursery. Then I spoke to his parents and brought him to a few sessions. He is no fluke".

Salman currently plays for Gunner's under-6 side and looking at how academy players have graduated and found their place in the first-team, this five-year-old sensation is one promising option for Arsenal in the coming future.

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