15 Aug 2015 5:33 AM GMT

[Watch] We Are Celebrating Independence Day Today: But Will Our Patriotism Exist Tomorrow Too?

The Logical Indian

August 15th, 2015

“Teri bhook main kya mitaunga, main to khud bhooka hun hawa ki us leher ka jo mujhe aazad hone ka ehesas dilati hai!”
( “How can I satisfy your hunger when I am myself hungry for that breeze which makes me feel that I am free?”)

That is the voice of our country expressing its helplessness. It is helpless because it is still shackled, almost 7 decades after it got Independence on paper.

It is helpless because it cannot satisfy the hunger and thirst of millions of its children.

Or perhaps India is ashamed? Ashamed that we celebrate our freedom only on paper and only on certain days. We need our symbols like the National flag and National anthem only on special days, to throw them in the dustbins the next day, and mock a child vendor on the road who tries to sell them one day too late – not on Republic Day.

Are we really free? Or is the freedom an illusion? Watch this short film 3 Shades written and directed by Vivek Joshi, which is a powerful unfolding of the myth called Freedom through the eyes of a child. It is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

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