Watch: United Airlines' Plane Catches Fire Mid-Air Due To Engine Failure, No Injuries Reported

Others/World   |   27 Feb 2021 8:28 AM GMT
Editor : Prateek Gautam | Creatives : Anukriti Ganesh
A United Airlines flight heading for Honolulu experienced an engine failure and had to return to Denver International Airport shortly after take-off on February 20.

The video of the Boeing 777-200's right engine falling apart after catching fire has gone viral. The flight was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members. The plane landed safely, and no injuries were reported.

Aviation experts pointed out that the aircraft was the third oldest 777 currently in operation and noted the frightening similarity with a 2018 incident with a sister aircraft that also suffered an engine failure while en route to Honolulu.

According to passengers, they heard a loud bang as the aircraft's right engine suffered a catastrophic failure.

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