14 Jan 2017 12:28 PM GMT

[Watch] #OneStepCloser – Lets Appreciate Those Who Work In Thankless Jobs

The Logical Indian

January 14th, 2017

We take the hard work of people around us for granted. The work of our delivery men, the postmen, our chaiwallahs is often not acknowledged and appreciated. This video is a way for us to acknowledge the work of our everyday heroes. Our protagonist Ghanshyam is a cylinder deliveryman. See how our campaign impacts him.

#OneStepCloser – a campaign by Standard Chartered Bank for the the 2017 Mumbai Marathon is all about beginning something. It’s all about taking one step towards addressing a problem, achieving a dream or breaking a habit.

Here’s to recognising and appreciating the people who are instrumental in supporting us everyday. Let us work towards brightening someone’s day and bringing a smile to their faces. Here’s how you can join this movement: http://onestepcloser.co.in/

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