Viral Video By RJ Seeks Justice For Father-Son Duo Tortured To Death By Police In Tamil Nadu

India   |   29 Jun 2020 6:14 AM GMT / Updated : 2020-06-29T11:46:40+05:30
Writer : Kishan Rao A S | Editor : Suresh | Creatives : Abhishek M

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The police brutality and custodial death of the father-son duo, Jayaraj, and Bennix, in Thoothukudi district, has caused a great furor in Tamil Nadu with several celebrities calling for strict action against the culprits.

Radio jockey and singer Suchitra shared an emotional video over social media and demanded that the culprits should face action similar to that of officers who murdered George Floyd in the US. She also urged her followers to join her in the fight against injustice.

In her video, she refused to accept the government's action to suspend two cops and transfer a few others stating that it is not enough, and no justice for those who lost their lives and their families. The singer has been lauded for this gesture.

On Monday night Jayaraj (60) and his son Bennix (30) reportedly kept their cellphone shop open beyond the stipulated government lockdown time and the cops in the sub-inspector cadre allegedly attacked Jeyaraj and when Fenix intervened both were taken to Sathankulam station. Then the two died after the police sexually assaulted them on Wednesday.

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