13 Sep 2015 8:44 AM GMT

Video: Celeb Manhandles Hotel Staff. Where’s The Newshour Debate Now?

The Logical Indian

September 13th, 2015

Image Courtesy: Matpal

The person in the video is Pooja Mishra. She was a contestant in the reality television show Bigg Boss 5. The incident took place in hotel Taj Dwarka. Reportedly, hotel staffs tried to stop her from leaving the hotel because she refused to pay the bills for items she broke inside her room.


Would the channels now play this video in Loop? Molestation of so many men by a woman? The same woman filed a molestation and sexual assault case few months ago and accused some unidentified people in her room of having touched her inappropriately and outraging her modesty. Cops Found out later no one entered her room. Few months before that too she had accused some businessmen brothers of having abused and molested her. These cases add to the statistics of “crime against women” even if in reality the case actually might be of crime by a woman! Let’s see if media shows this.

Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj . Deepika is an independent journalist and a documentary filmmaker.

While the media recently made ‘Jasleen Kaur’ a national news based on a mere Facebook post and a photo, here we have a video evidence. The Logical Indian community requests a responsible attention to this case from the traditional media.

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