27 July 2016 8:53 AM GMT

[Video] Caught On CCTV, BJP MP From Rajasthan Is Seen Slapping Toll Attendant

The Logical Indian

July 27th, 2016

Source: newsworldindia | Image Courtesy: financialexpress | ytimg

In a recent CCTV footage doing the rounds of various media houses, BJP MP Bahadur Singh Koli was found slapping a toll attendant in Bharatpur of Rajasthan. Not only Koli, but also his men were seen beating the toll attendant.

The incident took place on July 17. The attendant was trashed after he tried to stop Koli’s vehicle that crossed through the toll plaza without paying the toll. The car stopped after crossing the toll plaza, Koli’s men rushed out of the car and started beating the attendant in the middle of the road. Two police personnel also joined later to disperse the crowd, however, they did not try to stop Koli.

Bahadur Singh Koli was elected as Member of Lok Sabha in 2014. He was also a former MLA of Rajasthan assembly from Weir in 2013.

The Logical Indian condemns the action taken by Koli. On the one hand, BJP is expelling party members for their lewd condescending remarks to members of other parties, while on the other hand, people like Koli are breaking the law and also abusing their party powers. We urge the government to take action against him as well, to show that no one is beyond the law.

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