2 Aug 2016 11:05 AM GMT

Video: Bamiyan Buddhas Restored In Afghanistan With The Help Of 3D Light Projection

The Logical Indian

August 2nd, 2016

Source: lionsroar | Image Courtesy: buddhistbuzz

Destroyed by Taliban, resurrected by technology
Made in the 6th Century, the giant Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan were destroyed 14 years ago by militants belonging to Taliban groups. In June, the country witnessed the reconstruction of the Buddhas, but this time it was with light. It is a 3D light projection technology, filling the empty cavities where Buddhas once stood. A projector worth $120,000 has been installed at the site, donated by a Chinese couple, Janson Yu and Liyan Hu. They were disappointed by the destruction in 2001. Thus, they wanted to pay their tribute and took permission of the UNESCO and the Afghan government to do this project.

UNESCO adds life to history
The statues, 115 and 174 feet tall were considered treasures of local culture before they were destroyed. In February, UNESCO unveiled designs for a new cultural heritage center at Bamiyan, to showcase not only the monuments that were lost in 2001, but also the vibrant culture that still thrives in the region. Earlier in June, the region was named South Asia’s Cultural Center for 2015.

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