11 Dec 2015 2:59 AM GMT

Video: Ambulance Stopped To Allow Convoy Of Babu In Ahmedabad

The Logical Indian

December 11th, 2015

In spite of so much awareness and even after Supreme Court orders on the issue. VVIP racism is rampant in our country. Everyday, we see how politicians and officials misuse their position and uses their red or blue beacon to flaunt their status.

The video shows how apathetic are our Babus to the common people. An ambulance at emergency is stuck in traffic just to allow a convoy of a govt. official or minister. We just hope that the patient in the ambulance is safe.

In the past also this kind of VVIP treatment for a person has resulted in the death of patients.

It is high time that the public takes matters in hand and demand that nothing of such sort is allowed. And to expect sensitivity from our bureaucrats and politicians in this case would be like banging our heads on a wall.

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