4 Oct 2015 9:54 AM GMT

Video: The Journey Of ‘Garbage’ Once It Leaves Your House & Efforts For A Better Tomorrow

The Logical Indian

October 4th, 2015

Documentary Source: Bengaluru Needs You

Watch how silicon valley of India is being transformed into garbage city of India. Everyday new garbage dumps are emerging. Who is responsible in turning our very Garden City into Garbage City?Lets stop mounting our garbage on Mandur or Doddaballapur, or any other place for that matter. It’s time we knew a way to solve the Garbage Crisis that our city has endured. Bengaluru Needs You brings you a way to make a difference.

It’s time to put our energy into cleaning our neighborhood, if the city like Bengaluru where most of the people are educated lacks civic sense we can’t expect other places in India to be clean.

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