7 July 2017 8:05 AM GMT

Empowering Children Through Technology In Learning

The Logical Indian Crew

July 7th, 2017

The world is fast progressing – moving at a pace we all need to catch up with.

As the government is advocating for a digital India and a greater need for education in technology it becomes even more crucial for us to adapt to the changing needs.

So how do we begin to ensure that students today get access to technology enabled learning which helps in their all-round development)

An initiative by Dell helps in a new way of learning – it brings personal computers to schools for the benefit of teachers, parents and students.

Dell Aarambh, which means ‘to begin’, brings us a step closer to educating people on the need for PC’s in learning for students.

Education should be such that it pushes a young mind towards the pursuit of a holistic development and empowers them to realize their dreams.

“Whenever I need any information, my computer gives it to me in seconds. I can learn about anything I want – our solar system or how windmills work,” said Shubham, a young boy from a village in Nashik.

“He wouldn’t pay due attention to studies but since we got him the computer, he started making his projects with interest and his general knowledge increased massively. His interest in studies was retrieved,” said Shubham’s proud mother, Geeta.

There are thousands of children like Shubham, and millions of parents like his. Most of them want just one thing – a secured future for their child.

But there is a massive gap in the adoption of personal computers in India – it stands at less than 10%.

While parents strive to enable better learning for their children, Dell Aarambh has engaged teachers and schools across the country to train children on how to use PCs effectively for learning.

In the era of technological advancement, exposing children to interactive methods of learning is essential. It is commendable that Dell is seeking to achieve this – to allow a well-rounded development of the young students of our nation.

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