20 Sep 2017 11:53 AM GMT

Quitting Smoking Maybe Difficult But Not Impossible, If #ICanYouCan

The Logical Indian Crew

September 20th, 2017

We have heard it a million times before: from our friends, our classmates, our colleagues, but more importantly, from ourselves.

“You can’t do this.” the voice keeps echoing in our heads.

Initially, we might be able to control the urge for that one cigarette.

But with each passing day, our resolve weakens while the craving strengthens.

There are many who picked up smoking in college because their friends did it too. There are many who smoke because they want to feel included in a group. Whatever the reason maybe, it gradually became a part of their daily routine – one they have trouble letting go of.

But nothing is impossible.

All of us have goals and desires that we want to achieve. They are our personal Everest to climb.

For someone, it might be a degree. For another, it might be landing a dream job. While for many others, it’s quitting smoking.

But the path is more crucial than the goal, and even more important than that is our mindset.

But this isn’t a journey that can be embarked in one day. It takes months, sometimes years of struggle and motivation to give up a habit that has been with us for years. There are many who require a stronger push to be inspired. Quitting smoking isn’t easy but there are also many who have succeeded in doing so.

Anyone of us who used to be smokers at one point and finally quit, can be that influencer. Your story, your struggle, your determination can make a healthy difference in someone else’s life. All you need to do is start conversations and discussions on a public platform – places where people can read about your journey and be inspired to take a similar path.

Nicotex, with its #ICanYouCan campaign, is urging people to speak out about their struggle and motivate thousands who want to quit smoking.

You might be a successful quitter or someone still on the journey, share your stories on Nicotex’s Facebook page. Use the hashtag #Nicotex #ICanYouCan and tweet to urge friends, family and even strangers to quit smoking. You can also retweet/repost the tweets/posts of @nicotex_in

In the end, 6 best stories, whether you are a quitter or someone trying to quit, stand a chance to win an opportunity to visit Everest Base camp.

Let us help to make our society smoke-free.

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