Myanmar: Aerobics Instructor Unwittingly Captures First Moment Of Military Coup In Her Workout Video

India   |   4 Feb 2021 6:02 AM GMT
Editor : Shubhendu Deshmukh | Creatives : Anukriti Ganesh
Video of Myanmar physical education instructors performing aerobics as the military coup was unfolding in the background has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Khing Hnin Wai can be seen engrossed in her workout and in the background black SUVs and armoured vehicles drive up to a security checkpoint leading to the Assembly of the Union complex right behind her.

Khing posted this three-minute video on her Facebook page on Monday, and in no time it has gained global fame as she unwittingly captured the first moments of the dramatic coup.

The instructor posted later again saying that she had filmed many videos in that location before and that the video was real. She apparently had been filming dance workout videos outside the Assembly for 11 months.

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